Kings Fans Not Happy with 5-0 Win Over Hawks

The Los Angeles Kings beat the reigning Stanley Cup champion Chicago Blackhawks on the road, in mid-March, by a score of 5-0.


Five. To. Nothing.


Whether 5-0 or 100-0, it’s still just two points in the standings. Oh, also, it’s Jonathan Quick’s 41st career shutout, the most by any American-born goaltender!

But who cares about all of that fun and happy stuff. I just want you, oh gracious and wonderful reader, to remember that the Kings have won the Stanley Cup twice in the past four seasons, are currently in first place in the Pacific Division with 14 games to go, and are fourth overall in the West – having just beaten the third place team five (5) to zero (0), who, by the way, again, are the DEFENDING STANLEY CUP CHAMPIONS.

With that said, look at this pessimistic tripe.

Kings fans are the WORST.

The main issue with this game is that it is a perfect microcosm for the season.

This season, more than any since the pre-Cup seasons, Kings fans have spoken out about the trades and other transactions made by the Kings and GM Dean Lombardi. Before the season, it was the trade of Martin Jones for Milan Lucic, during it was the signing and waiving ineffective Christian Ehrhoff, then the loss of career minor leaguers for depth players and role-fillers like Kris Versteeg, Rob Scuderi, Luke Schenn, and Vincent Lecavalier – most notably just for the fact that they were not the big names Kings fans are accustomed to see in LA by deadline day. Despite having a core of young to just-entering-their-prime players, somehow these few veteran additions will cause total disaster.

But none of this is fair to Kings fans, because fans of other teams are terrible too.

But we knew that already. The Blackhawks game is a perfect example of pessimism from both sides of Kings fandom, and also a great example in how much this hate is unfounded when players play within Darryl Sutter’s system with the players Lombardi has provided.

Leave it to an Oilers fan to put it in perspective.
Kings fans, negativity makes you sound like an Oilers fan.

CM Punk is right, the Kings have no depth. After you get past Kopitar and Carter, the rest of the roster looks like the bench of the Springfield Nuclear Power Plant softball team.

This is what a “depth” winger’s goal looks like.
Also, Versteeg has played with the top pairing for much of his time in LA.

But, that’s it, right? The Kings don’t have any other veteran forwards capable of scori…oh…

Too bad those Kings fans that voted in the poll are dead and do not get to see Lucic score goals like this. Seventeen so far this season, to be exact, fourth on the team. He is on pace to score twenty goals for the fourth time in a season at the age of 27.

You can see why life is so troublesome for these Kings, though.  I mean, the rest of the team sucks, obvi.

Oh, here we go with the Lecavalier hate

Let’s just let #TeamTRH member Lewis Kay’s timeline do the talking:

Overall, the Kings have shown consistently that they cannot win with the players currently on the roster. The Blackhawks game was an anomaly. The Kings are 16-10-3 since January 7th, Lecavalier’s first game, and fading fast, on top of the Pacific Division. So, Kings fans can start planning that early vacation again this year, because the playoff parade is cancelled.

Well, his performance over the last three seasons he didn’t play with the Kings really says it all.

Nice job by Scuds to force the puck carrier to the outside imo

Here is @JTDutch’s bio page on Wikipedia

What more do you people want?! The team, AGAIN, has one of the top two lines in the league. Has a Norris Trophy candidate. Another defensemen that would be a No. 1 on just about any other team. The best American goalie … EVER (sorry Mike Richter and my childhood). EIGHT names engraved on the Stanley Cup on the bottom two lines, one of them being a veteran left for dead who has eight goals this season in two months – all with the Kings. On the fourth line. Playing with the captain of the team, who, sure, has a less than ideal contract, but do you remember when the Kings were terrible and the captain literally was THE ONLY GOOD PLAYER ON THE TEAM THEN HOLY CRAP IT WAS ROB BLAKE FOR A THIRD TIME. You people make me sick.

Yes, the days of having Justin Williams and Willie Mitchell as bottom line guys and pairings are gone, but if Robyn Regehr’s years as a King has taught us nothing else it’s that plugged-in veterans work in the Kings style of play. Especially big bruisers like Schenn and Lucic. Lecavalier could not crack a lineup before coming to the Kings and now he is a fourth line player that brings a veteran presence and SCORING. And if I’m Darryl Sutter, and a multiple Cup winning defenseman like Scuderi walks through door — someone I’ve relied on in the past — I’m probably going to give him a shot over an unproven player.

Someone talk me off the ledge.

I hope you dicks feel proud of yourselves. Father’s Day is June 19th. Don’t forget it. But you also probably think your dad has lost his scoring touch, too.

Flubber McGee is TRH's resident Kansas City correspondent, and has survived as a Kings fan long before the dawn of Internet streaming sites. He has seen the Kings win exactly zero non-exhibition games in person. Have you ever achieved enlightenment? Flubber has, because he once witnessed Kevin and Brett Westgarth fight in, and get kicked out of, the same game (they didn't fight each other, unfortunately). In addition to being a part of TRH, Flubber runs a Kansas City hockey blog. It's exactly what you think it is. You can follow Flubber McGee on Twitter @FlubberMcGee.