Bling-Bling-GlitterDo you like crystals?

snl crystals

Of course you do! Everybody does.

Over the summer, I was THRILLED when my friend @KikiD_lbc  asked me to help her bling out her hockey jersey. And since LA Kings Frozen Fury (the official start to the Bling Jersey Season) is fast approaching, I figured that it was perfect time to share what my friend and I did for anyone who wants to take their jersey to the next level.


map location

Nestled in the shadows of Staples Center is a little bit of heaven where all the shiny things live. Bohemia Crystal/Bead Factory is located at 812 S. Maple St in Downtown LA. You will know you are at the right place because their display windows are filled with blinged-out gloriousness.

The complete opposite of a “blinged-out window.”

It’s best to go with ONE project in mind (or even a list of items you need) otherwise you run the very real risk of overloading yourself with the endless crafty possibilities. I have a pretty good creative tunnel vision developed when going on supply runs, but this place still has me walking out with charms, findings or strings of beads I didn’t plan on buying. So be careful… the bling struggle is real.


E6000 is what I use to affix the flatback crystals. I prefer to use the mini-size tubes because their smaller size is better for controlling the amount of glue that comes out. The glue dries clear, but if you use too much, you will see it around the edges of the crystal which I try to avoid.


jersey and supplies


I like to start out on the sleeve, just to get the bling mojo going before doing the higher-visibility parts. This is the part where I encourage you NOT to be nervous. You are UP CLOSE and IN FULL LIGHT working on your jersey, but virtually NO ONE else will ever be inspecting it that closely. Your delightful jersey sparkles will be enjoyed from a distance in the reflected glow of Staples Center ice. Martha Stewart AT NO TIME will ever appear to judge how perfectly you placed your crystals. So what I’m saying is don’t give yourself a complex.

starting detail

For the grey detail on the jersey, I like to use the pointy grey metallic crystal in the 2omm size. On the tag, you will notice that the size is on the upper left and quantity is on the right. When you are buying several packs, this will help you make sure you grabbed enough of the correct size. And how about that $2 price tag, huh? Ain’t that a thing of beauty? These same crystals would be $16 at a local craft store.

arm detail complete

Built quicker than the Edmonton Oilers!

Follow the grey trim detail up the arm.  By now, you should be getting a good feel for the amount of glue you’ll need for each crystal and a sense of the spacing.


shield finished

For the shield, I like to use the large black crystals and two sizes of clear crystals in the “LA”. For filling in larger areas like the shield, I highly recommend laying out all the crystals into the basic pattern you want. Most importantly, this allows you to see if you have enough crystals for the pattern you want to use.

This also allows you to see what kind of spacing adjustment you need based on the size crystal you use. Had I chosen to use smaller crystals, I would have been able to fit more crystals in and around the LA logo, but since they are larger, it was important for me to try and layout the pattern in a way that fit around the LA. It’s all personal taste, but whichever size you want to use, laying them out first will ensure you are happy with how it looks before things get serious and you have glue involved.


And if you are feeling really confident… make your bling move to the collar!



If your sweater has a personalized name or number, continue to cover those in crystals as well.

Here are a few more examples of Bling Jersey Awesomeness™ to give you an idea of how you might want to bling the numbers/names out.

Below is MY JERSEY which had the honor of being bad mouthed by Mike Richards at Frozen Fury last year. #memories


Jersey Front


I centered the larger clear crystals down the middle of the numbers.

My friend Karen, went all out on her jersey purchased one with outlined the numbers for MAXIMUM BLING! That’s right, if you don’t have the patience to do it yourself, there are bling fairies you can hire to do it for you.

Melissa LaPlante, the owner of this jersey, chose to fully cover the name and outline the numbers… look at all that glorious glimmer!

Bling Jersey Melissa

I haven’t seen this much lens flare since EVERY JJ ABRAMS MOVIE EVER.

Hopefully now that you’ve seen a few examples, you’ll feel ready to take the plunge! Just remember, THERE IS NO SUCH THING, AS TOO MUCH BLING!

bling face

Ok. Maybe that’s too much.



If you have a bling jersey you’d like to show off, please add a picture in the comments or tag me in your tweet!

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