TRH RECAP 80: Fart Noise




The LA Kings did what many people thought was impossible: Lost a meaningful game against the Edmonton Oilers.

Angry Anze Kopitar breaks stick on net

But they didn’t just lose… They essentially dropped a deuce right on center ice.

The Kings held their route to the playoffs in their own hands. Had they simply won their final three games they would clinch a playoff spot. Now, they need to defeat the Calgary Flames in regulation and hope that a bunch of other things go in their favor.

So, technically, the Kings aren’t done yet. They have backed themselves into a corner and need a mini-miracle to get into the playoffs. Can they do it? Sure, why the hell not? I mean if they can’t beat the Flames and San Jose Sharks then they don’t deserve to get in the playoffs anyway.

But that doesn’t change what happened last night. Besides Drew Doughty, the Kings looked absolutely over-matched against the Oilers.


Here’s a quick highlight reel of the Kings performance:

At any rate, it looks like the season could be over. Still, it’s not. There are two games left and the Kings still have a chance.

Per Quisp over at McSorley’s Stick, all that needs to happen is…

But that seems impossible, right?

I’ve given up trying to quantify “impossible” when it comes to this team.


3. Benoit Pouliot

Benoit Pouliot goal Martin Jones

Hmm… where have I seen that goal before?

Ah, yes, the Stanley Cup Fi…
*uncontrollable bawling*

2. Drew Doughty

Doughty rules.

1. Richard Bachman

Despite giving up that goal from center ice, Richard Bachman continued to frustrate the Kings.

For his career, Bachman is now 3-0-1 with a 1.04 GAA and a .968 SV%.

And he totally planned on giving up that goal to Doughty, too.

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