TRH RECAP 64: A Shootout Win! It Actually Happened!


In case you weren’t aware, the LA Kings have been absolutely terrible in the shootout this season.

Coming into last night’s game against the Montreal Canadiens, the Kings had mustered up an impressive 1-7 record in the shootout while only scoring two goals in 28 opportunities. Yeah, a 7.14 shooting percentage isn’t good.

Fortunately for the Kings, they haven’t played a shootout game in quite some time so they haven’t had to worry about the glorified skills competition.

It looked all but certain that there would be no need for the shootout last night either. The Kings were up 2-0 at the end of the first period and were outshooting the Canadiens 13-2.

Were we finally seeing the Kings that we all know and love?

I’ll take that as a “no.”

But surely it can’t get worse?


And just like that, it just didn’t seem like it was the Kings night, month, year.

Blowing a 2-0 lead at home against a team that played the night before is a helluva accomplishment.

When it seemed like it was all but over, Lars Eller took a high-sticking penalty and gave the Kings one last chance…
Gaborik ties it 3-3 Canadiens


And then the most amazing thing happened in the shootout:



3. Chris Sutter

Chris Sutter is the best.


2. Jeff Carter

Jeff Carter shootout goal against Tokarski Canadiens

<3 <3 <3 El Jefe <3 <3 <3


1. Marian Gaborik

Marian Gaborik shootout goal against Tokarski Canadiens

All the goals for Marian Gaborik.

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