LA Kings Player Power Rankings – Week 23


The Kings only have 18 games left and remain on the outside of the playoff picture. None of the damn teams in front of them will lose and the Kings keep giving away points. I just don’t think I feel like doing Power Rankings right now…


Alright, fine. I’ll do them anyway. It isn’t like I have anything better to do.

1 Drew Doughty – It feels weird to do this since he is atop the rankings, but the “no goals in a month” jinx breaker has its eyes on Doughty this week. (Last week: 1)
2 Anze Kopitar – Anze had a nice week thanks to piling up points against the Oilers, but he gets bumped up the rankings solely because he came through in the clutch to finally get the Kings a shootout win. (Last week: 3)
3 Jeff Carter – Four goals in four games. Carter will go ahead and do this whole That 70s Line thing by himself if he has to. (Last week: 2)
4 Tyler Toffoli – This Tyler Toffoli image pretty well represents how most Kings fans probably feel right now about this playoff hunt. (Last week: 4)
5 Jonathan Quick – After his penalty against Edmonton, Quick now has twice as many PIMs as any other goalie. He truly is elite. (Last week: 5)
6 Marian Gaborik – Not only did Gaborik bust out of his goal-scoring slump, but he also will now be haunting Dustin Tokarski’s nightmares. (Last week: 6)
7 Trevor Lewis – Can’t tell if Lewis scored a bunch of points because he was playing on the top line again or because he was playing the Oilers. Nah, I can totally tell. (Last week: 7)
8 Dustin Brown – Hey, Cap’n, try not to give away the only Kings goal of a game by sitting on the goalie. That’d be great. (Last week: 8)
9 Jake Muzzin – I like Muzzin a lot and place a lot of faith in advanced metrics, but every time I see someone trumpeting Muzzin as a Norris candidate, I want to send that person a supercut of idiotic turnovers Muzzin has made this season that led to goals or near-goals. (Last week: 11)
10 Justin Williams – Some say that Williams is in a scoring slump. I say Williams is just hibernating and storing up all his point production for the playoffs. (Last week: 9)
11 Dwight King – With no points in eight games, maybe the Kings should give up on King being part of That 70s Line and take it to a whole new level by signing Danny Masterson to play left wing. I’ve checked his IMDB page, I assure you, he’s available. (Last week: 10)
12 Alec Martinez – It’s been so long since Alec played that I can barely even remember what his jazz hands look like anymore. (Last week: 12)
13 Kyle Clifford – Now that Luc got his statue, when does Clifford get his? Hello? Anyone? Hey, where are you guys going? (Last week: 13)
14 Andrej Sekera – It is one thing for Sekera to wear Rob Scuderi’s old number. It is quite another for him to be wearing that number and playing against Scuderi at the same time. (Last week: 21)
15 Jarret Stoll – Stoll has 18 games to pick up four points and avoid the least productive season of his career. I don’t like his odds. (Last week: 14)
16 Brayden McNabb – McNabb has actually been getting more ice time since Sekera was acquired, which is the exact opposite of what everyone expected. (Last week: 16)
17 Robyn Regehr – I know the Kings don’t count on Regehr for his offense, but Regehr not having a shot on goal in five straight games seems slightly problematic. (Last week: 15)
18 Matt Greene – We live in a world where Matt Greene, Trevor Lewis and Kyle Clifford scored goals in the same game. Who knew Kirk Cameron was right about that Rapture stuff all along, right? (Last week: 16)
19 Martin Jones – What’s the over/under for how many more starts Jones gets this season? 1.5? Does anyone take the over on that? (Last week: 18)
20 Jordan Nolan – Four days later and I think Jordan Nolan is still punching a helpless Brandon Prust in the face. (Last week: 19)
21 Nick Shore – I’m still waiting to see if the “no goals in an NHL career” jinx breaker works. So far the results aren’t great. (Last week: 20)
22 Jamie McBain – McBain got the week off. I hope he filed his time off request properly with payroll. (Last week: 22)
23 Andy Andreoff – There isn’t an itch that Andreoff can’t healthy scratch. (Last week: 23)

Agree? Disagree? I don’t really care! If you still feel compelled to sound off on the rankings, go ahead and leave a comment. It’s a free world.

Garrett Wilson is a lifelong LA Kings fan who now finds himself trapped in the hockey wasteland of the Pacific Northwest. He's an Ivy League graduate, but not from one of the impressive ones. You shouldn't make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he is angry. The again, you probably wouldn't like him when he's not angry either. You should probably follow Garret Wilson on Twitter @Garrett_MWAH