Bark Madness: Championship

Rece Davis: What an amazing couple of weeks it has been. But, unfortunately, all good things must come to an end. Welcome back, friends, to Bark Madness! It’s been a whirlwind Tournament, and now there are only two dogs left in this fight. Let’s take a look at the updated bracket.
Bark Madness Championship - Reggie Doughty vs Gustl Kopitar
Davis: There have been a fair share of upsets, but I think everyone knew it would come down to these two. Gustl and Reggie, Reggie and Gustl. We’re joined by a pair of guests to breakdown the Bark Madness Championship round. First up, let’s hear from our old pal, Dick Vitale. How much are you loving this Tournament, Dicky V?

Dick Vitale: It’s been stupendous, Rece! It’s been unbelievable! It’s been indescribable! IT’S BEEN OUT OF THIS WORLD, BABY! Look, everyone knows these are the right dogs to make the Final. THAT IS INDISPUTABLE! YOU CANNOT DISPUTE IT, RECE!

Davis: And also joining us, for some reason, Lee Corso!

Lee Corso: Whoa! Huh? What now?

Davis: Coach, is there a reason you are on set? Didn’t the college football season end nearly three months ago?

Corso: Listen up, Rece! *wags finger* When there’s a big showdown, you gotta go big! And with Reggie and Gustl facing each other in the Final, I had to go big! These two All-Americans have been fighting it out all year, and I’ll tell you what, THE VOTERS GOT IT RIGHT!

Davis: I don’t believe either of these dogs are from America… At any rate, what did you two think for the Final Four matchups?

Vitale: The runs that Arnold and Bruno went on were amazing, baby! There’s no doubt that Arnold is a P.T.P. …a PRIME-TIME PUP. Unfortunately for him, he ran into the buzzsaw that is Gustl. Arnold gave him everything he had, but Gustl responded with a dipsy-doo dunk-a-roo! And, Rece, you know, YOU KNOW, how much I love Bruno! THE BRUNO-REENO! The little man has a bright, bright, BRIGHT future ahead of him, and I wouldn’t be surprised to see him come back next year and win the WHOLE THING!

Corso: Dicky, Dicky, Dicky, whoa now! I coached Bruno’s great-great-great-great-great grandfather back when I was in Moose Jaw for a Summer, and, let me tell you, those little guys find ways to win! And Arnold, hoo boy! Making it to the Final Four was more than ANYONE could have hoped for just last month! Great job by both of them and there’s nothing that either of these proud pooches should be ashamed of, sweetheart.

Davis: Let’s take a look at the Bark Madness Championship match-up!

No. 1 Gustl Kopitar

Gustl Kopitar

No. 2 Reggie Doughty

Reggie Deal with It

Davis: Gentlemen, I won’t waste your time, who do you think will win this epic bout?

Vitale: Gustl has had a great season. There is no denying that. But right now, it’s Reggie’s World and we’re all just living in it, baby! THIS REGAL BEAGLE WILL CUT DOWN THE NETS! You can count on it, Rece! It shouldn’t even be close. SHOULD NOT EVEN BE CLOSE! Reggie has all of the tools that people want! He’s won the Stanley Cup twice! He’s won Olympic Gold twice! He even ate an entire 32 oz. porterhouse steak in one sitting! A 32 oz. PORTERHOUSE STEAK IN ONE SITTING! ARE YOU SERIOUS?! How is this even up for debate? HE’LL BE FETCHING THE CHAMPIONSHIP! THIS IS REGGIE’S TOURNAMENT, BABY!!!

Corso: NOT SO FAST, MY FRIEND! Come on, Dicky V! You gotta be kidding me! NO WAY, NO HOW! Reggie’s time has passed! There are people in this world who aren’t voting for Gustl because he’s too good, too popular! ARE KIDDING ME! He’s popular because he’s the best! These are the same people who got bored of voting for Michael Jordan as MVP. These people disgust me! Then again, maybe they’re right… I’ve made over 250 picks and, well, maybe Reggie is the… No, you know what…

Lee Corso Gustl Bark Madness

Davis: Wow! So even our experts are divided on this match-up! But it’s up to you to decide which four-legged friend will be crowned as the Bark Madness Champion!


Note from Team TRH:

Bark Madness began with 16 dogs, and now, we are down to two.

Yes, our furry friends from the LA Kings have provided us with hours of debating, fiery competition, and endless entertainment over the last two weeks. So with the attention of the world focused on these dogs, it’s an opportunity to give a helping hand to canine-kind.

When the final round winner is announced, Team TRH will make a monetary donation, in the name of either Gustl or Reggie, to Wags and Walks. For those who don’t know, Wags and Walks is a local dog rescue who rescue family-friendly, healthy dogs from being euthanized in Los Angeles shelters with the hope of adopting to the families whose homes and lifestyles are a perfect fit for a particular dog. In 2014 alone, they placed over 500 dogs in loving homes.

Wags and Walks is a small non-profit who works off of donations. If you’d like to join us in supporting Wags and Walks, you can donate at:

You can also support Wags and Walks further by buying tickets to their 4th Annual “Muttin’ But Love Gala” on Friday, April 24th at the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. Rumors of a Gustl/Reggie appearance are false, but there will be a silent auction. If you’re interested in going, you can purchase tickets at

So for Gustl, Reggie, Bo, Mack, Miley, Arnold, Sunny, Thor, Hank, Bruno, Prince, Habs, Milo, Trevor Lewis’ Dog, and Nick Shore’s Dog, thanks for all of your votes, and please give what you can!

Bark Madness - Muttin but Love

Sweet 16

Elite Eight

Final Four

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