TRH RECAP 59: Eight the Hard Way


Fresh off their win outdoors against their arch rival a sputtering team outside of the playoff picture, the LA Kings returned home to face the Detroit Red Wings.

And it was yet another a big game for the Kings. Not just because they were putting their seven-game win streak on the line, but it was also a memorable night for a former Kings Legend:

The unspeakable things I would do for that hat…

Early 1990s Calgary Flames’ tears were the best tears.

Not only was Granato a integral part of the Kings during his seven years with the organization, but he was also being honored in front of the Red Wings, where he now serves as as an assistant coach under Mike Babcock.

And Red Wings fans couldn’t be happier that Granato was getting a few minutes to be recognized for his outstanding career.

Hockeytown USA indeed.

The Kings jumped ahead early and hung on to shutout the Red Wings 1-0.

More importantly, there were a lot of fans wearing early 90s LA Kings jerseys at Staples Center…

So let’s check out the Top 10 Granato Era Jerseys from last night*!

(*from the time that I realized I should start taking pictures)

10) Rob Blake

Rob Blake fake jerseyThe Michelin Man puffiness of the number knocks it down a notch,
but still far better than seeing one of these Rob Blake jerseys.

9) Wayne Gretzky

Wayne Gretzky Legends Night jerseyAgain, a knockoff. But, again, a fitting tribute.

8) Luc Robitaille

Luc Robitaille Legends Night jerseyIt amazes me how many Luc Robitaille jerseys there are at Staples Center each game.
No, I literally mean it amazes me how many different jerseys Luc Robitaille wore with the Kings.

7) Kelly Hrudey

Kelly Hrudey Legends Night jersey 2That’s good, but…

6) Kelly Hrudey (autographed)

Kelly Hrudey Legends Night jerseyAutograph trumps it, bro.

5) Tomas Sandstrom

Tomas Sandstrom Legends Night Jersey 2I was so happy to see a few people wearing Tomas Sandstrom jerseys in attendance.
The Sandstrom-Granato trade shaped the Kings identity and it was a huge moment in Los Angeles.

4) Corey Millen

Corey Millen Legends Night jerseyCorey Millen only spent two years with the Kings, but man what a two years!

…that was literally the only video I could find.
But seriously, Millen was a joy to watch … when he wasn’t injured.

3) John Tonelli

John Tonelli

…pictures are hard, OK?!
If you don’t know about John Tonelli, then you are missing out on
an All-Time Top 10 LA Kings Mustache.

2) Tony Granato

Tony GranatoI was worried I wouldn’t see a Granato jersey before I headed home.
And you may think it’s hard to justify this not being No. 1
on a night that the man was honored, but I can explain…

1) The Granatoans

GranatoansBecause then I saw these Granatoans.
You rule, ladies.


3. Brayden McNabb

Brayden McNabb hipcheck on Red Wings

…let’s just call it a work in progress.


2. Justin Williams

Justin Williams can get it.


1. Jonathan Quick

Sure, it was a 20-save shutout win.
But was it an ELITE 20-save shutout win?

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