TRH RECAP 57: The Haves and the Av-Nots


As discussed in yesterday, the LA Kings are streaking right now and the San Jose Sharks are stumbling.

What a time to be alive!

With a win against the Colorado Avalanche, the Kings would leapfrog the Sharks into a playoff spot. And since the Kings sole reason to exist appears to be to cause as much pain as possible to Sharks fans, the Kings naturally won last night.

Fear the Fin is the greatest good luck charm in Kings history.

As for the actual game, the Avs came out and pretty much imposed their will in the first period.

Apparently they scored a goal, but no one is really sure because the game wasn’t being aired yet.

It didn’t get any better from there…

Fortunately, that was the only goal that the Avs would be able to score in the period.

The Kings are at their best when they are able to wear their opponents down. They outshoot the opposition to absurd degrees and eventually breaks will start to go their way.

That wasn’t going to happen last night. The Avalanche outshot the Kings 43-26 for the game while registering a greater number of shots in each period along the way. In the wild second period, the Avs actually outshot the Kings 18-10.

That didn’t matter though. The Kings took advantage of their opportunities and scored three goals in the period. With Jonathan Quick locked-in, they essentially put the game out of reach midway through the second period.

Ho-hum That 70s Line scored three more goals.


Thanks for the win, Avs.

But the real cherry on top of the sundae in the midst of this six-game win streak?

See you at Levi’s Stadium, Sharks.


3. Trevor Lewis to Tyler Toffoli

More importantly, it’s a reason to link to
the greatest Trevor Lewis tribute video of all time.


2. Drew Doughty

Seriously, how great is Drew Doughty?
…it’s gotten to the point where that question has become rhetorical.


1. Jonathan Quick

An amazing 42-save performance from Jonathan Quick.
…but I just wanted to link to Quick talking about Family Guy again.

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