It is pretty easy to get amped up for an upcoming game when you can look forward to a clash of a few of hockey’s best. The opportunity does not come along every day when hockey fans can take in a game featuring multiple players which the hockey world unanimously classifies as superstars.

Unless you happen to live on the East Coast.

Biases aside, there is plenty about tonight’s clash between the Los Angeles Kings and the Washington Capitals to pique the interest of the most casual fans out there. They are two exciting teams that haven’t gotten the chance to meet each other yet this season.

Note- People keep claiming that LA and Washington actually played each other a couple weeks ago, but that must have been expunged from my memory.

Not only do these clubs boast some of the biggest names in the sport – from Drew Doughty to Alex Ovechkin to Anze Kopitar to Nicklas Backstrom – they happen to share a rich, deeply rooted rivalry both be on a premium cable television program. toocoolCapsChairs

Who needs a history together on the ice when you have a similar passion for sitting backwards in chairs?

While I will refrain from going on a tangent and breaking down the show (we already have a guy who does a phenomenal job of that), I can comment on the Kings’ recent play.

Three wins in a row feels pretty good.

Felt pretty good.

Thursday’s win against Calgary was a needed reminder that this group can indeed play Kings-in-May hockey rather than just the craptastic Kings-in-January product we have seen during the last couple of months. Los Angeles found a way to overcome a host of different roadblocks en route to picking up a big two points and sending Staples Center home with some ice cream. Roadblocks that included the following:

-A goaltender that was standing on his nipples for the first 40 minutes of play

-A second period sucker-punch that included a questionable no-call and a visit from the Kings’ old friend Murphy

Jon Quick Gold Goal Smash

Quick wasn’t mad, he was just testing his stick’s durability

-The “Curse of Johnny Gaudreau and the Late Third Period Lead at Staples Center”

But in what was a nice change of pace, the Kings took their lumps and carried on more-or-less unpeturbed, tying the game late in the second period and blowing the doors off in the third. It was a crisp, efficient and overall impressive performance that can help foster even more confidence and momentum at a time which LA is looking to string some wins together.

However, I am going to avoid making any bold claims proclaiming tonight as a must-win game. Things didn’t work so well the last time I did that. But for the postseason’s sake, this cannot be one of those two-steps-forward, one-step-back scenarios.

And, to be honest, I don’t think any of us can stomach any more frustrating losses set to award-winning cinematography and dramatic narration. No amount of Doughty giggles could ease that pain.

Hockey Twitter Gripe of the Day:

I know this isn’t actually a recurring segment here – though it easily could be – I just needed a segue to get this off my chance. I can’t wait until Sunday comes around and it is 364 days until the next Valentine’s Day. It’s not enough dealing with the corporate-driven pressure to appease my significant other, but every single team in the NHL thinks they are so clever with their cheeseball custom-made Valentine’s cards that are cluttering my timeline. Take a look at some of these things.

calvert valentines

That doesn’t seem like a whole lot


Nothing gets Smashville in the mood quite like prehistoric beastiality


#FancyStats has even eked it’s way into greeting cards… Somebody make it stop!


Chicago Blackhawks Valentine’s card or J.Crew advertisement?



The Blackhawks have a blatant disregard for their second-to-top shirt buttons

But you get the point, these damn things are as tacky as the basic concept of the made-up holiday they were designed for.

…wait a second. Forget everything I just said, because we have a special treat for you! Our own Almsmcq, who NEVER flinches in the face of being cheesy and over-the-top (her words, not mine!) has created some LA Kings Valentine’s Cards for you to share with your own loved ones! You’re welcome.


vday bailey

vday pears

vday williams

vday shore

vday jones

vday muzz

vday sutters

vday kopi

vday carter

vday toff

vday Quick

vday brownie

vday drew


QUICK--Caps V day


Japers’ Rink

Russian Machine Never Breaks

Capitals Hill

Puck Buddys















Knick Rickle was a former junior and college goaltender and is a current aspiring journalist and mediocre adult league goaltender. While growing up in Minneapolis, he learned how to play by attending Robb Stauber's goalie school, which unbeknownst to him at the time was the first step in becoming a Kings fan. The rest of the steps came when became probably the first person ever to move to California from Minnesota to play hockey. He currently is unemployed, holds an English degree, while contributing to #TeamTRH, so you be the judge how his hockey career turned out. You can follow KnickRickle on Twitter @KnickRickle.