THE ROOT TO THE PLAYOFFS: Feb. 2nd – Feb. 5th

The LA Kings have 33 games left in their 2014-15 season and they likely won’t make the playoffs without some help from the rest of the league. Knowing which team to root for in any given matchup can be complicated so we’ve put together this handy guide for you.

Rooting Guidelines for games not involving the Kings:

RULE 1 – Always root for an Eastern Conference Team over a Western Conference Team.

RULE 2 – Almost always root for a Central Division Team over a Pacific Division Team.


MONDAY, February 2nd

Winnipeg at Calgary

Both of these teams stand in between the Kings and a Wild Card spot but until Calgary passes Winnipeg in the standings we stick to the rules.

Rule 2 says…

Root: JETS
ACTUAL RESULT: Flames win 5-2

Edmonton at San Jose

Hopefully the Sharks give a performance like their brothers in the Super Bowl and Edmonton wins this one.


ACTUAL RESULT: Oilers win 5-4 (SO)


TUESDAY, February 3rd

Chicago at Minnesota

Minnesota is about as close to passing the Kings as the Kings are to passing Calgary or Vancouver.

ACTUAL RESULT: Wild win 3-0

Colorado at Dallas

Two Central Division teams both nipping at the Kings heels. By the time this game is played one or both of them could have passed the Kings in the standings. There is no winner here. The only thing to root for is a regulation loss for one of these teams.


ACTUAL RESULT: Avalanche win 3-2 (SO)

Winnipeg at Vancouver

Another matchup featuring two teams the Kings would like to pass in the standings.

Rule 2 to the rescue.

Root: JETS
ACTUAL RESULT: Canucks win 3-2 (OT)

WEDNESDAY, February 4th

San Jose at Calgary

Look… I don’t like to root for the Sharks and I know you don’t either. If there was anyway both of these teams could lose that’s obviously what we’d all pull for. My rule of thumb in games like this is to pull for the team further ahead in the standings but I wouldn’t hold it against you if you flipped a coin to decide who to root for.



THURSDAY, February 5th

Detroit at Colorado

Rule 1 says…


Tampa Bay at Dallas

Thanks again, Rule 1!


San Jose at Vancouver

Every time you turn around this week the Sharks are in another game that impacts the Kings. It’s disgusting really. Who to root for in this game will have more to do with how the week has gone than anything else but, at the time of this writing, San Jose is ahead of Vancouver in the standings. The Kings don’t need to pass both of them. Just the one on the bottom. It’s time to stare into the abyss one more time.



Turns out this week we are all Sharks fans.


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