THE ROOT TO THE PLAYOFFS: Feb. 16th – Feb. 19th

The LA Kings have 27 games left in their 2014-15 season and they will not make the playoffs without significant help from the rest of the league. Knowing which team to root for in any given matchup can be complicated so we’ve put together this handy guide for you.

Rooting Guidelines for games not involving the Kings:

RULE 1 – Always root for an Eastern Conference Team over a Western Conference Team.

RULE 2 – Almost always root for a Central Division Team over a Pacific Division Team.

RULE 3 – Always root for the higher ranked team when two Central Division Teams are playing each other.


MONDAY, February 16th

Minnesota at Vancouver

Minnesota is one point ahead of the Kings in the race for 8th place but Vancouver is only three points ahead in the race for 3rd in the Pacific. Minnesota is 8-0-2 in their last ten games while the Canucks are 5-5-0. Like any great SNL sketch it’s hard to predict how you want it to end… you just know you want it to wrap up quickly.


Root: NO OT


TUESDAY, February 17th

Dallas at St. Louis

You never root for an injury, but once one occurs you can root for them to be a stumbling block for hard charging teams behind you in the standings. The Stars lost Seguin, Eaves and Hemsky to injuries recently. Let’s hope that leads to them losing some games in the future.



WENDENSDAY, February 18th

Minnesota at Calgary

This is a virtual replay of Monday’s matchup between the Wild and the Canucks. No OT is the key element but starting now I’m taking the stance that the Kings should be trying to earn a spot in the Pacific Division’s top three.

Root: WILD


THURSDAY, February 19th

San Jose at Dallas

I know I should be rooting for the team in the lead to keep pushing the team trailing further down the standings but there would be something so hysterically funny about the Sharks losing to a depleted Stars team right before playing the Kings in the Stadium Series game. If things play out correctly, the February 21st game between the Kings and the Sharks could see the teams tied in the standings and that’s something I simply can’t root against. Even though I just jinxed it.




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