Road To The Stadium Series: Episode 3

Man…  Someone at Coors must really hate the Sharks.


Episode 3 of Road To the Stadium Series was a study in contrast. The Sharks appear as a team struggling to maintain what little control they have over their tenuous grasp on a playoff spot while the Kings are finally discovering the missing spark to propel them once more into the postseason.

The Sharks appear sad or confused most of the time.

burns zoom

Worst. Episode of The Office. Ever.

The Kings, on the other hand, look like they’re having the time of their life.

Brown two

“Hey Dustin Brown, how many Stanley Cups have you won?”

The contrast continues onto the ice as the Calgary Flames make the first of two appearances in this episode by defeating the Sharks 4-1 in San Jose.

sad Joe

Look out, “Bad Luck Brian”… “Sad Joe Thornton” is on your tail.

Meanwhile in Columbus, the Kings are able to find the humor even in difficult situations like the injury to Alec Martinez.


Pretty awesome of Robyn Regehr to buy booze for all his son’s friends.

The team is on such a roll that Kyle Clifford doesn’t even seem to mind when he ends a fight by getting smashed in the face.

cliify thump

Meanwhile in San Jose…


…here is a visual representation of the last few week for the Sharks.

Both teams held pre-game ceremonies to honor former members of their organizations.


Pretty awesome that it was
A History of Failure in the Playoffs and
Forgettable Career Comeback Attempts in Tampa Bay” night.

The Sharks lost their game on a controversial goal in OT. Meanwhile, the Kings dominated their game against the Flames and Tyler Toffoli scored his first career hat trick.

Dwight King Gold Goal Face Freeze

This is my shocked face.

Off the ice, the teams began to seem more similar. We discovered that Doughty and Lewis will compete at almost anything, including made up games like table golf.


While Tyler Kennedy and Andrew Desjardins compete to see who can be the most annoying.


It was a tie.

All of that was just the preamble to the real stars of this episode. Adorable dogs and Kyle Clifford’s baby.


For a second there, I thought the baby was on a leash.

Clifford dog

Even Kyle Clifford’s baby knows how to beat up on Ducks.

Coming in second on the Cute Countdown was Tyler Toffoli and his new dog, Bruno.


Although he is front and center for the Kings right now,
alas Tyler Toffoli is not a Center.

Bruno was adopted about a month ago and is almost as cute standing next to Tyler Toffoli as Tanner Pearson.


They say that pets and their owners will begin to look like each other over time. I can’t imagine this dog looking anything more like Tyler Toffoli than it already does.

Bruno 2

But most importantly, I really hope that 22 year-old Tyler Toffoli covers his ears when playing with his veteran leader, Drew Doughty.


EPISODE 3 GRADE: That ’70s Episode





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