LA Kings Player Power Rankings – Week 20


It is a new week of Power Rankings, a new week infused with hope for the resurgent Kings’ playoff hopes. Bask in the glory of all the positive comments this week because if they start losing again, things are going to get real despondent, real quick.

1 Drew Doughty – Doughty got banged up quite a bit in the game against the Caps, so Sutter scaled his ice time back to a mere 28:47. I’m sure Drew appreciated the rest. (Last week: 1)
2 Jeff Carter – Well, well, well, look who has retaken the team lead in points. Jeff Carter. I was referring to him. You don’t actually have to look it up. (Last week: 4)
3 Anze Kopitar – I never thought it would come to this, but the “no goals in a month” jinx breaker will try to work its magic on Anze this week. (Last week: 2)
4 Marian Gaborik – Gabo is in a rare goal-scoring drought and Kopi is in a little bit of a points drought. I’m sure that’s a coincidence. (Last week: 3)
5 Tyler Toffoli – Personally, I think when a player registers his first hat trick, he should get to keep all of the hats. (Last week: 7)
6 Jonathan Quick – Quick stepped up his play this week, but more importantly, he is still hulking out and smashing his stick to smithereens when calls go against him. That’s just good wholesome family fun. (Last week: 6)
7 Justin Williams – Four wins in a row! The Kings are back in the playoff hunt! They don’t have to trade Justin Williams and break our hearts now! (Last week: 5)
8 Dustin Brown – I, for one, am looking forward to an entire week of Sharks fans pre-complaining about how dirty Dustin Brown plays. (Last week: 9)
9 Trevor Lewis – The idea of Trevor Lewis is pretty funny until he scores a breakaway goal on you. (Last week: 10)
10 Jake Muzzin – Muzzin played better this week, but he also apparently thinks a daiquiri is a flower, so… there’s that. (Last week: 8)
11 Dwight King – I think what this week has taught us is that it doesn’t matter who plays left wing with Carter and Toffoli so long as that left winger wears a number in the 70’s. (Last week: 12)
12 Alec Martinez – Martinez remains out with a concussion, but remains handsome and swarthy. (Last week: 11)
13 Jarret Stoll – Stoll broke his eight-game pointless streak and will likely begin a new pointless streak starting today. But, hey, he hasn’t committed a dumb penalty in five games, so I shouldn’t really complain. (Last week: 13)
14 Robyn Regehr – Regehr has been playing sick this week, which is a nice change from his play making me sick. (Last week: 14)
15 Matt Greene – The “no goals in a month” jinx breaker works for most players, but this is Greene we are talking about. Let’s see if the “no goals in TWO months” jinx breaker can do the trick with him. (Last week: 15)
16 Brayden McNabb – A three-assist week has McNabb slowly sneaking out of the doghouse. Now that I’ve said that, watch him get scratched in favor of Forbort in the next game. (Last week: 15)
17 Kyle Clifford – I know everyone wants the Kings to trade for a defenseman, but I’d like them to trade for an enforcer that can actually fight so Clifford doesn’t get his face caved in on live television. (Last week: 16)
18 Nick Shore – Nick Shore has never met a wide open net that he couldn’t miss. (Last week: 19)
19 Martin Jones – Does Martin Jones even really exist? (Last week: 18)
20 Jordan Nolan – You know things are breaking right for the Kings when Jordan Nolan is ripping slapshots past an actual quality goaltender. (Last week: 22)
21 Jamie McBain – The good news is that Jamie scored another goal this week. The bad news is that he scored it for Columbus. (Last week: 21)
22 Andy Andreoff – Andy Andreoff: professional hockey spectator. (Last week: 23)
23 Derek Forbort – What’s a Forbort for? Getting called up only to be healthy scratched, apparently. (Last week: n/a)

Agree? Disagree? I don’t really care! If you still feel compelled to sound off on the rankings, go ahead and leave a comment. It’s a free world.

Garrett Wilson is a lifelong LA Kings fan who now finds himself trapped in the hockey wasteland of the Pacific Northwest. He's an Ivy League graduate, but not from one of the impressive ones. You shouldn't make him angry. You wouldn't like him when he is angry. The again, you probably wouldn't like him when he's not angry either. You should probably follow Garret Wilson on Twitter @Garrett_MWAH