#TRHtip: 2015 Tip-A-King Recap

If you’re not familiar, Tip-A-King is an annual fundraising event for Kings Care Foundation where fans have the opportunity to interact with the Kings players right after they’ve lost a home game.

Last year they were in a bit of a slump already, so the TAK-night loss was just icing on that grumpy cupcake. It was very much “I still LOVE you, but I just can’t LOOK AT YOU right now.” So I’ll admit I was a little nervous as the game went on that this would be a repeat of last year, but then things got AMAZING and the Kings scored 3 goals in less than 3 minutes to tie the game and send it to overtime.

This was the exact moment that Tip-A-King 2015 was saved:


After the game, fans head over to line up at the LA LIVE EVENT DECK, which I think is just about the best marketing wizardry I’ve ever heard to describe the top of a parking lot. Seriously, kudos to the person that came up with that. Whatever they are paying you, it’s not enough.

And sometimes, something amazing happens after waiting in the cold for 2 hours:

Jake Muzzin, man of the people, walks by to use the port-a-potty.


Attendees buy “Kings Dollars” to “Tip” the players for their time (between $5-$10 per interaction). But just a heads up, they really don’t like it if you try to shove the tips into their clothing. Lessons learned the hard way. Just hand it to the ice crew member.

This lady wins Tip-A-King, BTW.

Some booths feature Carnival-style games that you can play.


Cute kids get to just take whatever they want.

Some booths you leave with souvenirs like a photo keychain, your own player card or photo-booth style pics. Coach Darryl Sutter and the Ruler of the Dance-Cam/Crown Prince of Staples, Chris Sutter, were a highlight for many fans.


As was the always charming Alec “Jazz Hands” Martinez.


There also was some amazing fan art.

But most importantly, fans had time with the Players, Coaches and Announcers. Quick Brownie Kinger    Pearson copy Pearson is as fast in person as he is on the ice.


Don’t worry, he doesn’t have Mumps.

I continued to chip away at getting my shoes signed by the team, but tonight I got the one signature that will always make me smile the most.  shoes  

Finally our Blog Overlord, The Royal Half, decided to have a Tip-A-King related contest yesterday that… um… let’s just say the title wasn’t safe for this type of family event:

And we actually got responses!



Dead, just completely dead. #tipaking

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WOW! We seriously couldn’t believe just how many people entered the contest to win a free TRH T-Shirt! After a lot of deliberation… we are going to have TWO WINNERS!

Congrats to @PushingWeight and @supersarai32. The Royal Half will be in touch to tell you how to collect your prize. And then he’ll probably forget to send it to you.

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