TRH RECAP 47: San Jose Sharks – All-Star Broken


Kudos to you, LA Kings fans, for even watching last night. The bravery and strength of spirit you show by continuing to watch what you know will be an ugly and unfortunate series of events is why you are some of the best fans in the world. We all know the Kings won’t win EVERY game.

At this point in the season I think we’d be happy with them just winning SOME.

Not even MOST. Just SOME. Please?

January has been rough, but thank goodness it’s almost over. And we CAN get though it. TOGETHER.

Here’s what happened last night:

Oh Goody. A theme night.

There were a few problems with the broadcast. First there was something wrong with the picture.

Then the there was a problem with the Audio.

First Goal:



Then Kyle Clifford got into a fancy twirly fight with Brenden Dillon.






But then…

Then Doughty was moving his stick near Couture’s rather long face and it caused him to flail to the ice. Doughty to the penalty box!

Drew Doughty High Sticks Logan Couture

And with Doughty off the ice? You know what that means…

Sharks get another one and the game is 3-1. Doughty did NOT approve.

Drew Doughty Says No More

Soon Burns decided that, he to, wanted in on some of that Hot Face Action.



Carter scores with 30 seconds left. shrug-gif Couture makes MULTIPLE attempts at getting an empty-netter.

Third time’s the charm? Sort of. He gets credit for making an attempt that one might assume would have translated into a goal if we all hadn’t watch him botch it up twice before, but whatevs. sugarcubes 4-2. Game over. Commence ALL-STAR BREAK MODE. I’m sure it will all turn around for us next week when we FACE THE BLACKHAWKS.

Oh look! We’re top of the chart on something!


My favorite jersey of the night:

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