TRH RECAP 46: The Dog Days of Jan-UGH-ary


The dog days of the NHL season have come again, and right on schedule, the Los Angeles Kings are having a tough time winning games. While not quite the predictable mid-season scoring drought we’re all used to, the Kings did score just one goal against to the Calgary Flames last night.

As I sit in front of this computer screen, reeking of muscle rub and wondering how I somehow pulled two ribs whilst rehabilitating a shoulder injury, it’s remarkably clear – at least to me – how deeply this loss to a Pacific Division rival affected me, as a Kings fan.

The Kings started-off quite strong, out-shooting the Flames, 10-3, without allowing any coordinated attacks on Jonathan Quick, who was visibly bored right up until (SPOILER ALERT) he gave up the game-winning goal to Dennis Wideman.

The highlight of the first period came towards the end of it, when Drew “Drewseph” Doughty went to the box not for a clean hit he made on Joe Colborne, but for the following cross-check that the officials didn’t like one bit.

Oh, and his response garnered him an additional two minutes in the sin bin for unsportsmanlike conduct. I hate myself for saying sin bin.

Monday’s game marked the first time that Robyn Regehr played this year, and mere seconds into his first shift, a puck bounced off his stick, cutting his lip. He went to the locker room for a few minutes before returning with a few stitches. Welcome back!

Oh, and then he tried to kill Boring Sean Monahan, who may or may not be the comedic genius behind his own Twitter parody account.

My esteemed colleague PumperNicholl summed up the second period of play admirably…

Then, 10:23 into the third period, Matt Greene struck again (that’s the first time that statement has been uttered), wristing a puck past everyone on the ice on what would prove to be the only time the Kings could get anything past Joni Ortio. As of this morning, the goal was credited to Jarret Stoll, but we all know who made this goal happen … and he has red hair.

I think that this GIF is indicative of the Kings efforts throughout the game:

Three minutes later, Monahan exacted his revenge on Regehr and the Kings, tying the game in perhaps the most predictable goal all season.

Roughing penalties assessed to Regehr and Calgary’s Mark Giordano meant that we got to see some sweet 3-on-3 hockey to start overtime, and it was absolutely GLORIOUS.

Unfortunately for Kings fans, Wideman found himself to Quick’s right, and fired a rebound that appeared to hit the crossbar.

That’s all fine and dandy, but in reality, it hit the camera below the crossbar … the one that’s inside of the net, meaning that Flames scored a goal in overtime, and we know what happens when a team scores a goal in overtime.

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