TRH RECAP 43: The Revenge of Steve Bernier


Steve Bernier had this game marked on his personal calendar for a long time. It was the first second third chance at enacting revenge on the team that benefited from his 5-minute major boarding penalty in Game 6 of the 2012 Stanley Cup Final: The Los Angeles Kings.

Let’s face it: Timing is not Steve Bernier’s forte…

…but he is a professional hockey player, so you would hope he’s capable of a good game once in awhile.

I was all set to write about how OLD the New Jersey Devils are, but watching the game last night sucked the life out of me. Instead, I’ll focus on the positives: Well, OK, I’ll just note a few things from the game, and put in irrelevant-but-awesome gifs.

It seems that Darryl Sutter has really been going with the four line approach of late. Normally, he would play the likes of Jordan Nolan or Andy Andreoff only if everyone on the bench was physically incapable of performing on a shift at that given moment. However, last night, they played 11:15 and 11:06, respectively. BRAVO! Watching those guys fly around makes it easy to forget why they’re in the lineup (except for their complete lack of goal scoring ability).

I think that every hockey team wants to believe that their fourth line guy is capable of harder hits than anyone out there. I don’t think there are many of those guys that can hit harder than Jordan Nolan.

It is a bit annoying that after he crushes a dude, he looks completely baffled that his victim’s opponent wants to drop the gloves.

Anyway, the aforementioned Bernier scored at the end of the first period, but Dustin Brown opened the scoring in the second period on a fantastic play by Drew Doughty, which showed, again, why Doughty is probably the best defenseman on the planet.

Tying the game was nice and all, but the Devils responded by scoring four unanswered goals to close out the period.

Marian Gaborik scored in the third, as did Justin Williams, but this game was really not very close following the midpoint of the second period. Martin Jones could not continue his shutout streak, but pulling him didn’t really help the team, either, as Jonathan Quick gave up two goals on seven shots. If you’re keeping track at home, the mighty Devils scored five goals on 20 shots.

In the end, our pal Steve Bernier had gotten his revenge…
Steve Bernier No 1 Star

Good for you, Bernier.
We are forever indebted to you for 2012.


I had the privilege of watching the Bruin broadcast for a game they were playing the other day against the Lightning. I had no idea how bad Jack Edwards was until…

He was actually mocking opposing players. IT WAS AWESOME! I’m definitely watching the Bruins’ feed when they play the Kings next (not that I don’t watch the opposing team’s feed ANYtime the Kings play…).

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