Back in 2010, the Los Angeles Kings hosted the NHL Draft. With a host of local products and their usual bevy of picks, the Kings were poised to make a splash that would not only impact the future of the team on the ice, but also the community of (very) casual hockey fans.

So when it was announced that the Kings would be trading-up from their original slot at No. 19 to the No. 15 pick of the first round, many Kings fans imagined the team would select Emerson Etem, Beau Bennett or, perhaps, one of the Russian prospects that were still available.

Instead, Dean Lombardi selected Derek Forbort.

While it’s completely unfair to write Forbort off as a bust, the fact remains that Vladimir Tarasenko was selected with the next pick at No. 16. The Florida Panthers used the pick acquired from the Kings to select Nick Bjugstad, which was followed by the Pittsburgh Penguins selecting Gardena’s own Beau Bennett at No. 20. Emerson “HE’S FROM LONG BEACH!!!!!!!!!!!!” Etem was selected by the Anaheim Ducks with the No. 29 pick.

But back to last night’s action… The first five minutes of the game elicited a reaction akin to, but not exactly, “Wow, the Kings look like they’re really playing on their heels.” My reaction wasn’t necessarily shared by other Kings fan/bloggers…

Despite all the positivity, the Kings failed to score on the powerplay, as well as the remainder of the first period. So when they went into the dressing room, Marian Gaborik did a little extra focusing…

And then he cranked up The Afghan Whigs and banged his head into the wall a few times to get fired-up. Leave it to Marian Gaborik to understand the power of great music.

Five minutes after his first goal, it was Gaborik again (on the power play!) with a nice redirect/shot from an Anze Kopitar pass to make it 2-0.

That was all fine-and-dandy, but the Blues scored a 89 seconds later. And then to start the third period, and pretty quickly after that. In fact, St. Louis scored at 11:20, 13:00, 13:50, and 18:36 of the third period, with ole’ Vladdy Tarasenko picking-up the hat trick.

In an attempt to limit the bad press being garnered by those godawful pants that their team will be donning come the winter exhibition (or whatever it’s called), the Kings’ website is denying that last night’s match-up against the St. Louis Blues ever happened.

The two teams meet again at Staples Center on Thursday, the same place where the Kings passed on Tarasenko just four short years ago.

Random Thoughts

I was watching the Blues’ broadcast, and then I was watching the game on mute (I like Darren Pang, and then I was at a restaurant), but from what I understand, Bob Miller and Jim Fox lost their minds, as best evidenced by Jason Lewis’s screencap from the pregame…

Yeah, Robyn Regehr was one of the “Stars to Watch.” I get it, St. Louis is a physical team that ruthlessly attacks, but Regehr logged 19 minutes, and didn’t collect a point. He was a +2, so at least he’s got that going for him.

At some point during the broadcast, the crew put on the new Winter Extravaganza jerseys. And then they didn’t take them off.

Darryl Evans and Patty O’Neal were wearing the jerseys as well, but they took them off at their first opportunity. Bob and Jim didn’t, and it was pretty hilarious to see them come back from a break wearing those ridiculous looking sweaters.

The sweaters themselves aren’t an affront to humanity or anything, but my GOD do they look terrible with the white pants.

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