TRH RECAP 28: ATKM Sabres Post Game Pod

LA Kings Buffalo Sabres Recap


Greeting Kings fans! Jesse Cohen from All The Kings Men here!


The Los Angeles Kings were shutout by the Buffalo Sabres despite out shooting them 34 to 16. On top of that the Sabres blocked 25 shots. ON TOP OF THAT…  the Kings missed 11 shots. That means they attempted 70 shots and were still shutout. That’s an almost unbelievable degree of inefficiency.


Tyler Ennis scored the only goal of the game. It was a Power Play goal assist by none other than, The Moulson Index’s namesake, Matt Moulson.


While the eventual game winning goal was unpleasant it was hardly the worst part of this game. No… the REAL crime was that this game was dreadfully boring.


I recorded a solo Post Game Podcast because I didn’t want to bore anybody else with my boring thoughts about this boring game. But if you can stomach it…    may I present to you another…

PostGamePods-01 copy

It’s a Post-Game Edition of All The Kings Men Podcast!

Listen as I, Jesse Cohen, ramble on for more than 15 minutes about the Buffalo Sabres shutout victory over the Los Angeles Kings!

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