TRH RECAP 14: Cut and Dry



Thinking about how best I could recap the Islanders vs. Kings game last night, I immediately realized that I could probably do so in less than 15 words: King scores, so does a guy named Brock. Kings lose in shootout. Being able to summarize events so concisely, I now realize, is a useful skill in the age of such laziness. But it was also a very useful skill to have back when people were telegraphin’ each other.

King scores STOP So does guy named Brock STOP Kings blow it in Shootout STOP

King scores STOP So does guy named Brock STOP Kings blow it in Shootout STOP

Alas, this is a blog, and simply riding that statement would really do anything for the readers.

I’ve long said it, but there is no team in the NHL that scores as many ugly goals as the Kings. Problem is, the Kings have won the Stanley Cup twice in three years, so that argument really doesn’t mean anything anymore. As noted, the Kings scored once last night, leaving everyone wondering “what happened?” Well, Dwight King was wondering the same exact thing.

I half-expect Bob Miller to flip out one of these days after one of those confounding goals. Then again, he was the play-by-play man for some pretty dreadful seasons, so I don’t think those type of things phase him any more.

Never Gets Old

Never Gets Old

Brock Nelson tied things up following King’s stick/foot/knee deflection on a goal that left Jon Quick, well, confused. On the powerplay, he found a whole between Quick and the post–something goalies are taught to defend at a pretty young age, I’d imagine–and snuck it in.

Jim Fox was not amused.


The shootout did not go as planned. I’ll save you the specifics, but it involved the Kings not putting the puck behind the goalie, and the Islanders doing the exact opposite.

An elite goalie knows the proper time and place to break his stick over the post.

Random Thoughts of the Game

    • The Bauer 4500 hockey helmet looks like it was created in the late-1970’s, and probably was. In the age of concussions (they didn’t exist before 1988), it boggles the mind why players in football AND hockey don’t choose to sport the most state-of-the-art equipment available to them.
    • Brayden McNabb’s hair is nothing short of glorious. He and Jake Muzzin should let it grow out and create a tag team that absolutely PILLAGES Hermosa Beach.
    • Anze Kopitar looks a lot bigger than he did last year.
    • The King-Richards-Brown line looked fantastic for the first two periods last night. Richards now leads the game in the iron man category with 193 games played, as Justin Williams did not dress for the game, because he almost had his eye removed by an errant stick against Dallas.
    • Richards also has a four game point streak, which is nice to see from a player as GRITTY as he is.

Hit of the Day

Russians, man

Beer of the Game




I may be the only person under the age of 50 that enjoys gin.

Video Found During Intermission that is Worth Sharing

I saw this band at The Roxy in West Hollywood on Monday. They killed it.

I haven’t forgotten about #BlackShuck2015, and neither should you.

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