TRH RECAP 6: The Afternooner


Where was I when I realized, thanks to the Yahoo Sports app, that the Kings had a 12 PM start on Sunday? I was at a park in Sherman Oaks, watching what may go down as the worst single sporting event that was ever played. I’ll spare you the details, because this is a hockey blog and not a slow-pitch softball one, but it was apparent that the teams were getting it all out of the way so they could go drink Coors Lite at the bar afterward.


If you could take one thing away from yesterday’s matchup against the Minnesota Wild, it’s that Jonathan Quick is playing really, really well. Missing a month last year really seemed to affect the rest of his season, and many thought that the Kings went on to win the Stanley Cup despite his play in net. While he did miss a good chunk of training camp while recovering from wrist surgery, it certainly appears that he has hit his stride.

“We were able to clear out some rebounds, block some shots and just kind of got through it,” Quick said following the game.

What I took away from the game is that Jonathan Quick has mastered the art of giving out completely useless quotes. For years now, we–as a society–have been force fed these canned responses that, despite the fact that the statement actually happened, literally say nothing.


Tanner, Oh Tanner

Once again, it was That 70’s Line that carried the Kings to victory.

Tyler Toffoli opened the scoring at 13:54 of the first period on the powerplay.

Mike Richards (whose role with the Kings of late is kind of like that random guy in any TV show who was a part of the gang, but only until the dialogue in each scene started) had a pass redirected, allowing Toffoli to fire the puck past Nik Backstrom glove side to open the scoring.

Enter, Tanner Pearson. While the season is young, my love for Tanner grows steadily. Though he’s still at the point in his career where he’s more adorable than fearsome or gritty, he’s really starting to show that he’s a cerebral player who simply out-thinks his opponents on a regular basis.


Early in the third, Jeff Carter won a puck battle behind the net, dishing it to Toffoli, who found his bestest friend in the slot for a pretty one-timer. It would prove to be the goal that iced a game that was chock-full of GIF-able moments.



Random, Yet TERRIFYING .GIF of the Game

Jason Zucker came with inches of having his throat opened up by Kyle Clifford’s errant skate, (fun fact: Kyle Clifford’s Errant Skate is playing at The Troubadour in a few weeks) leaving him visually stunned, as he should have been.


Beer of the Game

Because It Was There

Because It Was There

I caught most of the game at a seedy bar in Lake Balboa, CA. I was with men over the age of 50. There was no other option.

Random – Yet Relevant – Link

If you thought I was going to get over this, I’m not. #BlackShuck2015

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