Meet the Players 2014 – Do-It-YourSelfie™!


If you are one of the lucky Season Ticket Holders, or your generous benefactor is, or you have a credit card and an Ebay account, chances are you may have been one of the 3,000 people who attended the Meet The Players event last night at Staples Center.  This annual event allows all the aforementioned groups a chance to get signatures from players along with a few other unique Kings Fan experiences. Also, you get a hotdog, soda and chips.


Must be weird for the Kings to be in street clothes on the ice
and not be carrying a variety of trophies.

Last year, through a series of unfortunate events, the Great Meet The Players Debacle of 2013, left many fans upset and frustrated, but this year it was designed to ensure that everyone got their autographs.

LA Kings fans, after not being able to get Daniel Carcillo’s autograph last year.

First off, the players arrived on time! Some drove by the crowds waiting on Chick Hearn Ct, while others boldly jaywalked through the intersection and passed right through the line of fans, undetected, into the event (Looking at you, Carter, Toffoli and Andreoff).


Not sure which player is in this car, but tinted windows means business.

This year, the Kings switched backed to the plan of previous Meet The Players, which was to fill the lower bowl sections with eager fans armed with a wide array of memorabilia and then routing them past the players tables. The new “No Pictures” mandate was reinforced by the very strategic placement of the players on the ice with the boards between the fans, so there would be ZERO chance of rule breaking.



Season Ticket Holders had to select ahead of time which group of players they would get to interact with. You can only get autographs from those groups, so a lot of couples would split up to maximize their autograph selections.

While this event gets massive points for making sure everyone got to the players they selected, it did seem almost too efficient (because, yes, there’s nothing I can’t complain about). But I did feel a little like a chocolate on Lucy and Ethel’s conveyor belt.


Toffoli is the one I took a bite out of.

In past years it has been a bit more of a Girlfriend Experience where you got a signature, a photo and quite a bit more interaction, but having them waist high and on the other side of the boards didn’t really lend itself to chit chat which certainly served the greater good of moving the line along. But honestly, the mere fact that the Kings players are willing to deal with us en masse; a squirming, unwieldy tangle of sticks and jerseys and fan squee, makes me really grateful for the opportunity no matter the traffic, the lines, or changing dynamics.

I did watch on the jumbotron as a woman talked a second signature out of Brown when the handler wasn’t looking which he graciously obliged…so she was my hero of the evening. Oddly enough, there was no special “Cut-to-the-front-of-That 70’s Line” ticket for amazing items like the one shown below, so I’m sure they’ll have that worked out and running smoothly for next year.

There was also a tour of the locker room complete with their gear!

Although you couldn’t get your photo with any of the players… you were able to get your photo with the 2nd biggest acquisition in LA Kings history.

I got these bad boys signed by Williams and That 70’s Line, so I probably won’t be wiping the grin off my face for quite some time.  


I’d guess most people felt the same about their treasures too.

For those of you who are still really bummin’ that you didn’t get a picture with a Kings player I have put together a TRH Do-It-YourSELFIE™ so you can paste your body in with your favorite player. Nothing is real on the internet, so why do your player photos need to be? Now you can impress your friends, your boss, your In-Laws with how close you stood to an ACTUAL KINGS PLAYER! You’re welcome.





MTP Richie copy


Special thanks to Kings and Dodger fan, Ernest from  Dodgers Blue Heaven for letting me use your pics to help out the rest of us!!

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