Hamborghini: Providing LA Hockey-Themed Delicacies

Being a hockey fan in Los Angeles means that when the topic of the sport comes up, a person is usually met with awkward glances or a brief conversation about being a bandwagon fan.

Still, there are thousands upon thousands of die-hard and casual hockey fans alike in and around the Southland. And walking around Venice Beach during last week’s First Friday showed just how much people in Willie Mitchell’s old stomping grounds truly love the sport — or at least burgers named after some hockey players.

The Hamborghini food truck was founded in December 2013 by a life-long Montreal Canadiens fan who wanted to share his love of mouth-watering mobile main courses and the game he was raised on. After tinkering with the menu a few times, the starting lineup was set. Now, it’s comprised of some of the all-time greats.

IMG_3182 Sadly for Doug Wilson, Hamborghini turned down the
Sharks offer of Joe Thornton for the Mac N Cheese Egg Rolls.

The food truck started out just as many of its predecessors did: offering the people of Southern California with a healthy option while on-the-go. …they quickly remedied this by offering mouth-watering, hockey-themed delicacies. Since then, Hamborghini says that they have quadrupled their business. Proving, once and for all, hockey makes everything better.

Their truck proudly flies a Montreal Canadiens flag (because, well, no one is perfect) and each dish has its own origin story.

The “Anze Kopitar,” for instance, features a spicy Gouda mixture, avocado and bacon, so Hamborghini’s David Demerit said they felt this concoction should be named after the perfect current international-California star.

It’s the crew’s love for hockey and cooking expertise that blends the ingredients to name the burgers.

“The ‘Tie Domi’ gets its name because of the chili involved. It’s a dirty burger that deserved a name to fit it,” Demerit said. “And, as short guys, we thought of another short scrapper to name it after.”

But because of course it’s Los Angeles, many of the burger names go right over the heads of Hamborghini’s customers.

“I think a very good majority of people understand the menu and love the names, but of course some people don’t grasp the concept or the names. The best one we get is the mispronounced name for the Buffalo Sabre,” Demerit said.

While #TeamTRH hasn’t been able to review the entire menu, we can confirm that the “Anze Kopitar” may in fact be better than the on-ice product.

Anze Kopitar Burger Finally, a Kopitar that isn’t vastly underrated!

So go forth, our hockey-mad friends, and try the rest of the menu. We’ll be following around Hamborghini during the summer in an attempt to try some more of their dishes.

Cause we apparently already missed out on the greatest secret menu item of all-time.

Robitaille HamborghiniGet out of my dreams and onto my plate.

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Godspeed, everyone.

PumperNicholl is a lifelong LA Kings fan and actually learned how to speak English from Bob Miller by watching LA Kings games… and the Police Academy movies. You should probably follow PumperNicholl on Twitter @pumpernicholl