Back in January, our good friends at Can-Am Spyder sent us to Dodger Stadium to see the Anaheim Ducks embarrass the LA Kings in front of 54,099 people.

And apparently that wasn’t enough stress and mental torture, so they’ve decided to send us to Game 4 versus the very same Mighty Ducks of Anaheim! Except this time it’ll be indoors at Staples Center. Lame.

But that means that Jesse Cohen and I will be live at Staples Center to #PaintItBlack.

Come say “hi” if you see us!

We’ll be soaking up the pre-game festivities at the LA Live Fanfest to recap the day and bring you the best and worst (let’s be honest, it’ll just be the worst) of what we find out in the wild.

Who knows, maybe we’ll even find an Anaheim Ducks fan!

This may be tougher than I thought.

It’s been a nerve-wracking first few games of the series, but hopefully being among the 18,000+ LA Kings fans at Staples Center will be the calming presence that we need. …that and the outdoor beer garden.

So enjoy the game, wherever you may be watching it, Kings fans.

And if you’re not sure how to spend the rest of your weekend, then go check out and test drive a Can-Am Spyder and learn more about its three-wheel stance and seven automotive technologies (find your local dealerships here). For more information on the new 2014 Can-Am Spyder RT which offers higher torque, a smoother ride, and fewer fill-ups visit their Facebook or Twitter.

Can-Am Spyder: The voice of a new generation.

And if you don’t believe me, just hear what former NHL superstar Mark Messier has to say about it!

If you don’t believe one of Mark Messier’s guarantees then I just feel sorry for you.

BRP and Can-Am Spyder are official partners of the NHL and throughout the season are bringing special experiences to the Stanley Cup playoffs.

PumperNicholl is a lifelong LA Kings fan and actually learned how to speak English from Bob Miller by watching LA Kings games… and the Police Academy movies. You should probably follow PumperNicholl on Twitter @pumpernicholl