KORAB Grit Numbers: Kings-Ducks Games 3 & 4

So, that was a pretty dull past two games, eh?  The series is tied 2-2 going back to Anaheim, as both of these teams are now in for another long series.

If you did not see the KORAB for Games 1 & 2, check it out and meet back here.

Okay, here we go!

Kings Game 3 KORAB:
g3 k

Throughout the last two series we have established that approximately a 30% KORAB grit rating (i.e. 0.300) means that players have been effectively gritty.  That means blocking the shots, getting the hits, and all-around doing the small things all for the name on the front of the jersey.  That said, a lower KORAB either means that player is not doing enough to lay their body on the line and has no desire to win, or they are one of those weak “skill” players that would rather boost their own offensive stats than see the team win.

As you can see, in Game 3 the trend of Dustin Brown, Matt Greene, and Jarret Stoll carrying the team continued.  Brown’s number is impressive because he is going up against the top line guys every night, while the other veterans are chipping in when given the chance.

Though it is not surprising for veterans to throw their weight around in the playoffs, the play of the younger guys is concerning.  Toffoli seems lost, offensively and motivationally, and Muzzin, King, and Person have good and bad games.  Though the team had a strong game, overall, the Kings cannot afford for Pearson and Toffoli to go up against top line talent and struggle to produce.

Ducks Game 3 KORAB:

g3 d

In comparison, the Ducks Game 3 looks like the Kings Game 2, a game the Kings handily won in regulation on the back of an early lead.  The Ducks played a similar game, and did not need to throw their weight around.  Most notable is the play of guys like Perreault and Beleskey, who gave up their bodies for the sake of the TEAM, resulting in injuries.  Those are true WARRIORS.

Kings Game 4 KORAB:

g4 k

In Game 4 we see a similar trend to the prior game.  This time, however, Doughty, Pearson, and King all improved upon their intensity and compete levels.  But, it was all for nothing in the end.  This is a scientific phenomenon that us in the KORAB community call “unlucky.”  The Kings were unlucky despite their tough play, and were unable to score as a result.  This external force should not deter them from continued toughness, though.

Ducks Game 4 KORAB:

g4 d

Meanwhile, the Ducks were “lucky,” also known as “got the bounces.”  There is no way to predict this, and it generally is not due to a lack of grit by the opposing team, but it happens to the worst of teams from time to time.  How else do you explain how the Buffalo Sabres won 21 games this season.  21!  No team will lose every game, but that’s still 21 wins, and that team was terrible.

Kings Series KORAB:

g1234 k

Ducks Series KORAB:

g1234 d

These past two games were almost an inverse of the first two.  Of course, the Kings won the first two games in a visiting arena despite the overwhelming belief that the Ducks outplayed them.  The KORAB from Games 1 & 2 backup that assertion.  While in Games 3 & 4, the Kings, at home, appeared to outplay the Ducks and lost both games.

The advanced stats will say the Ducks were out-chanced the past two games, but they still won those games by an overall score of 5-1.  Likewise, the Kings were outplayed in the first two games and won both, albeit one in overtime.  As the KORAB shows, the Ducks are the grittier more determined team, but only slightly, and maybe that’s true when looking at this series using the “eye test,” as well.

Regardless, as a trained fancy statistician, this series is difficult to understand or predict.  Neither team has won a game in which they out-grit the other.  We can say this guy needs to step up, or that guy needs to play with more heart, but this series shows there is no guarantee that this will make either team more successful.  But, in my humble opinion, the Kings need to shake the unlucky blues and keep doing what they have done the past two games.  Soon enough, they will surpass the Ducks in KORAB, and wear them down in the same way they did to the Sharks.

Kings hockey! GRIT!



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