KORAB Grit Numbers: Kings-Sharks Game 2 & 3

Wow, so the Kings are not doing so hot right now.  After three games, the Kings have lost all three while being outscored 17-8.  Clearly, the Sharks have played a grittier series, but what do the numbers say?

Good thing we have the new KORAB stat to show us exactly which Kings have played poorly, or just flat-out do not care.  If you have not read about the KORAB GRIT metric before, read this article first.

Before we begin, I want to make one correction that was brought to my attention on the Dustin Brown 2012 playoff KORAB.  It should read 0.37, not 7.44.  Dividing by games played is pointless when totaling minutes.  So, 0.37 is our baseline KORAB number moving forward.

Okay, here we go!  WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here are the KORAB numbers after the Kings 7-2 debacle in San Jose.

Kings Game 2 KORAB:

G2 Kings

Kings KORAB overall after two games:

G12 korab k

In the first two games in San Jose, Williams, Carter, and Gaborik were obviously out for themselves and did not have the drive to be a team player.  Martinez struggled, probably because he thought he was an all-star since his stretch of scoring at the end of the season.  And Mitchell must be one of the hurt defensemen.  On the other hand, Greene brought the grit to the lineup, but it still was not enough to life the rest of the team.  Greene, the quintessential team guy, will take the fall for Game 2 without complaint, though.  You people make me sick.

It is here, also, that you see the Kings beginning to break apart as a team as their Team KORAB slumps to sub 30%.

G2 Sharks

Sharks overall KORAB after two games:

G12 korab s

Comparatively, the Sharks just have not had to play that hard because of the lack of effort from many of the Kings.  Guys like Wingels, Burns, Torres, and Brown carried the team through two games without much resistance from any of the Kings.  And what do these guys all have in common?  They are gritty, hard-nosed, pack-a-lunch guys.  Good Canadian boys (except for Wingels and Brown, who are good Midwestern American boys).

That said, Hertl is a lazy European, and it is evident here.  Come on, son, this is North America.  Hit somebody.  Block a shot.  Be a teammate.

Moving on, here are the numbers after the Sharks 4-3 overtime win at Staples Center.

The Kings Game 3 KORAB:

kings G3

And their KORAB for the series:

G123 kings2

The Kings played a grittier game as a team, but the numbers from Doughty do not lie.  He has given up his body for the team, and it shows, but now he needs some support.  Martinez, looking at you.  Mitchell and Voynov have improved, but only slightly.  Jake Muzzin, paired with Doughty, has been a disaster.  He’s not protecting his beaten up, maxed out teammate.  So disappointing.

Gaborik, Williams, and Carter – all pure scorers – are not doing what it takes to help their teammates score goals.  All they think about is themselves.  These guys will not bleed for the team, and when they do not score, they disappear.  Conversely, Stoll carried his weight and took it to the as of until now unstoppable Sharks fourth line.  Why can’t the rest of the Kings be as tenacious?

What is noticeable is the play of Tyler Toffoli.  For a young scorer, he sure is doing a lot of the hitting and shot blocking AND not scoring.  That’s a true team guy.  That’s the guy that will give up his body for the team, risk his future for the present.  Maybe some of these veterans can learn something from him.  The Kings need to lock this guy up long-term.

Here are the Game 3 KORAB for the Sharks:

sharks G3

And the Sharks overall KORAB through three games:

G123 sharks


The problem with this series is that the Sharks have not been exceptionally pluckier than the Kings, yet they have dominated.  You have to look at those bottom six guys – the salt of the team – Torres, Brown, Sheppard, Wingles, and Burns.  They have brought hardy, blue-collar performances to each game and are getting little resistance.  Their mettle is a testament to TEAM play, and it is evident in the first three games of this series.

In contrast, are Thornton and Marleau’s KORAB a cause for alarm?  Well, yes and no.  They are character guys, sure, but they have never played that hard anyway (i.e. no Cup wins).  But, if they can get the same support from the tenacious TEAM guys that do not get a lot of press, then that should carry the team through the series.  All bets are off after that.  You do not win Cups taking nights off in the playoffs.

So, what do the Kings need to do just to win a game?  The bottom six guys need to play like Jarret Stoll did in Game 3.  Plain and simple.  Just to compete, and just to have a chance.  Keep King in there, and keep Nolan in there.  Bring the grit all game, and maybe put Fraser in the lineup just to add some spunk.

And quit giving up more than four goals in a game.  That’s a start.


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