FREEWAY FARCE: Playoffs Week 1



Playoffs Week 1 (Apr 14 – Apr 20)

Los Angeles Kings (1st Round, Trailing Sharks 0-2)

GIF That Best Represents the Past Week for the LA Kings:


We have all seen enough of this.


Loud and Proud:

In case you hadn’t heard, the SAP Center is not only an ugly building…


Which seems to be loosely  based on the design of the Discovery Science Center in Anaheim…


But it can also get quite loud.

More on that last guy coming up in a bit.

GCF – Gann Creep Factor:

Playoff Edition! If you aren’t sure what this is, or how it works, read up on it from Week 25.



Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (1st Round, Leading Stars 2-0)

GIF That Best Represents the Past Week for the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim:

space dog

The playoffs for the Ducks have been awesome so far. Like, they are “astronaut dog” awesome.


The Worst of the Worst from @ducksfanzone:

With the playoffs arriving, DFZ had his priorities straight:

He did eventually provide some game commentary:


Brian Hayward and DFZ agree that the refs blew a call? Well then, I guess it must be true.

A Ducks fan questioning their goal tending stability in these playoffs? You know it must be bad for the Kings.  

Ryan Getzlaf’s Eventful Week:



Fun times indeed.



First Round, Worst Opposing Tweeter*:

*Yes, I am just ripping off The Royal Half’s “Worst Opposition to Follow”

Kings: @nuggetsauce

I have spent the past 3 seasons trying to figure out if that is a parody account, being ironic, or if that is a real person actually trying to be funny.

Ducks: @stars_insider (Note: not actually a Stars inisder)

*Remember that one*

Winner: @42EvilRoy


Second Round, War of Words:

Kings: Raffi Torres of the San Jose Sharks, via

The agitating trio of Torres, Brown and Desjardins clearly appeared to irritate the Kings, especially late in the game. At one point Kings defenseman Matt Greene drew four minutes for roughing after Torres came to a stop in Quick’s crease. Torres got two minutes, a bloody cut above an eye then chants of “Raf-fi! Raf-fi” from Sharks fans.

“It’s nice,” said Torres, who also scored a goal in the Sharks’ 6-3 win in Game 1. “I don’t know what to say. It’s kind of weird.”

When do we start taking bets on the higher total for Raffi Torres’ 2014 playoffs: games suspended vs. goals?


#Gutsy #Grit #Leadershipness

Winner: LA Kings Insider

Jon Rosen Would like to be clear that he does not endorse Kevin Kurz.


Third Round, Video Highlight of the Week:


Oh man, your remember how good you felt after that goal? Let’s just live in that moment forever.



Winner: Ducks short-handed goal + Lindy Ruff’s Reaction



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