WEEK 21 (Mar 3 – Mar 9)

Los Angeles Kings (37-22-6)

GIF That Best Represents the Past Week for the LA Kings:

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EER(Emoji Efficiency Rating) Trade Deadline Recap:

This week, we rated all of the trade deadline moves, using Mike Richards’ EER system. For now we’ll just fill you in on the Kings’ moves.

For starters, the Kings gave up forward prospects, Nick Deslauriers and Hudson Fasching for defenseman Brayden McNabb and two picks:


Now of course, the issue with this trade isn’t with Brayden McNabb, it’s with the Kings giving up prospect/cult hero/all around great guy, Hudson Fasching. We hope that McNabb understands that, especially since he favorited that tweet.


Are you wondering about the other piece the Kings gave up, Nick Deslaurier, who was a defenseman converted to forward this season, and immediately became one of Manchester’s top forwards? Here are the early returns from Buffalo:

Oh and there was this other deal too:


 Dean Lombardi added speed and scoring to the Kings, and Darryl Sutter talked about how Gaborik fits in to the Kings’ style of play, but the real winners here were the Kings bloggers who will shoehorn a Simpsons reference wherever they can.






Nailed it, guys.

Darryl Sutter & Marian Gaborik Low 5 GIF - The Royal Half

Blogger Beef, Trade Deadline Edition:

 @RobertJFTC shared some thoughts on a fellow Kings blogger during the trade dealine:

That’s a clear shot, but nothing TOO harsh there.

Later in the day:

OK, no biggie … still just having a little fun, while disagreeing with another blogger’s opinion.

Now I’m uncomfortable.


In response to this analysis of the Gaborik trade:

@RobertJFTC retweeted this analysis from the 2012 season:

We at Freeway Farce don’t take sides in blogger beefs, but it’s safe to say that this is the most brutal instance that we have seen so far.


Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (43-14-7)

GIF That Best Represents the Past Week for the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim:


The Ducks traded away Dustin Penner, to acquire Stephane Robidas, as well as make room for one of the big trade deadline targets. Things didn’t go so great with that second part.

The Worst of the Worst from @ducksfanzone:

Let’s examine the many ways that DFZ dealt with the trade deadline:

Justifiable optimistism





Wild rationalizations


The Fascination with John Ahler’s Facial Hair:

Since the end of the Olympic break, Ducks’ fans have been faced with this atrocity:

And of course their fans have been focusing on what’s important during the NHL season’s most crucial period:

If John Ahlers isn’t careful, this might hurt people’s view of him as a serious broadcaster. 

That’s it Ducks fans, divert your attention from the fact that the Blues just passed you in the league standings.



First Round, Tough Goodbyes:


While the trade dealing brought some new faces, it also meant saying goodbye to some familiar ones. Kings fans had to part ways with their Bro-in-Residence, Matt Frattin.

While Frattin wasn’t even in LA for a full season, and really didn’t contribute much on the ice, he will always hold a special place Kings fans’ hearts. If you doubt that, I can give you my personal testimonial.

The first thing that I ever learned about Matt Frattin when he was traded to the Kings was that he once threw a lawn mower off of a roof. The last thing I ever learned about Matt Frattin, before the Kings traded him away is that he is dating a woman who posed in Playboy.

Here are the pics, but it’s obviously NSFW.

Fare the well, Matt Frattin.


He come the tears…

Dustin Penner left us this week. Words can’t express what a huge(no fat pun intended) loss this is for southern California hockey fans. 

To send him off the right way, play this video:

while recalling what made Dustin Penner so great:

penn perry getz








2012 Stanley Cup Final - Media Day


penner mustache




pen tweet



penner girls


penner stadium


Winner: The District of Columbia





Second Round, War of Words:


Trevor Lewis, via

On being effective on the fore check:
It’s big for our team. I think it sets up our whole forecheck and allows us to play in the offensive zone. If you can get in there and pick the body up, keeping your feet moving, and stuff like that, good things are going to happen.

Is there anything more LA Kings than Trevor Lewis talking about forechecking?


Bruce Boudreau, via

“Shootouts are a skills contest and if you don’t win it, it’s a loss,” Boudreau said. “But the game’s not a loss, you just lose the point.

Bruce Boudreau, hockey purist. 

Winner: Darryl Sutter who basically explained the Kings entire philosophy in two paragraphs, in the Edmonton Journal

Sutter says the Kings’ seemingly defend-first game is a “misconception The big thing in today’s game is you have to be able forecheck and backcheck, and you have to have the puck. You can’t give the puck up. We don’t play in our zone, so there’s not much defending.”

“I’ve coached in three decades now and this stuff where they said Marian had to play in Jacques’s system is a bunch of bull-crap. The game’s changed. They think there’s defending in today’s game. Nah, it’s how much you have the puck. Teams that play around in their own zone they they’re defending but they’re generally getting scored on or taking face-offs and they need a goalie to stand on his head if that’s the way they play,” said Sutter.

(h/t Bruce Arthur)

Third Round, Video Highlight of the Week:


I don’ t recognize either of those guys, but they seem like they could be nice trade deadline additions as well.



What a save! 

OK Ducks, you are starting to look desperate.

Winner: Trevor Lewis Score Alert

WINNER OF THE WEEK: Jon Rosen’s new avatar


Which leant itself to this:


and this:

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