TRH GRAPHIC NOVELS: The Adventures of Jack & Wiz

With the Olympics just around the corner, I figured I would take a look at two American heroes on the Columbus Blue Jackets. Jack and Wiz have been fighting crime and Canadians for years, but now one of our own needs their help! It’s time for the first ever edition of…


It was a day like any other at the home of Jack & Wiz, until the Ameriphone rang and Jack’s former GM Dean Lombardi was on the other end of the line.



Jack was obviously apprehensive about helping out Dean after the numerous prank calls through the years.

Dean’s call this time was different, as he was once again struggling against an all too familiar foe, Coulomb. And even though Dean Lombardi hadn’t been able to put Jack on the USA Olympic team, he wanted to help out his old boss.

Coulomb was once an ally to Dean, helping him win games and frustrate opponents. Somewhere along the line, however, Coulomb started to turn on Dean. He became a monster, and turned on the one man who made him.


While Jack and Dean discuss their plan for taking down Coulomb, unbeknownst to them, Coulomb was growing in strength every minute. Plotting his terror and vengeance on Dean and the Kings, waiting for his time to strike.


Once Jack and Dean compiled their plan, Jack turns to his trusty partner in fighting crime, Wiz.


Little did Jack and Wiz know what they were getting themselves into. Coulomb had grown stronger and faster than anyone could have known. In fact, before the two even made it to Los Angeles, Coulomb struck the Kings and caused Dean to lose it at the game the night before. Jack and Wiz had to act fast so that they weren’t affected when they played! There was just one little problem…


Uh Oh! It looks like our heroes bit off a little more than they could chew!


So what are our heroes going to do? Will they defeat the evil Coulomb?



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