On Thursday, we had our 1st ever Photoshop Contest where we asked you, LA Kings fans, to show us your creative side. Thursday night’s brand-new Kings Weekly on Fox Sports West featured the video of the LA Kings players watching the now classic USA-Canada semifinal… but since the IOC owns the broadcast rights to the game, the producers of Kings Weekly had to blur the television screen leading to this image:


So let’s see what you all came up with, shall we?

By far, the most popular entry was the Truman Show/Inception combination… where the LA Kings players were watching themselves watch the game:



Since a lot of the players didn’t get the chance to watch NBC’s broadcast of the 2014 Winter Olympics, people just assumed the Kings would catch up on their viewing now that the Games are over. Here they are watching Ice Dancing:

And Curling:

Jon Quick winning a Silver medal in 2010:

Highlights of the Vancouver Canucks competing at the Olympics:

And midway through, someone changed the TV to the horror movie station:

You know, a lot of people just assume that NHL Players don’t have higher aspirations when it comes to how they spend their downtime around the rink. But the LA Kings are different… they get themselves informed:

I can guarantee the only “Ted” the Kings watch is the movie with the Teddy Bear.

Let’s be real here… the LA Kings are pro athletes. Whenever they have any free time… they watch movies. Like the popular hockey flicks Slap Shot…


… and the Mighty Ducks.

But then sometimes the players just want to chill out and watch a classic film. Like The Shining… 

… or The Notebook!

I bet it’s Jarret Stoll that puts this movie on.

You can make your own joke here:

And finally… who doesn’t like to watch a laugh-out-loud comedy like Tommy Boy!


Even more popular than movies in the LA Kings dressing room are TV Shows. And the Kings love to catch up on their DVRs when they get the chance. Especially watching themselves on Kings Weekly!


Some even love the cult-classic, Mystery Science Theatre 3000!

There are a lot of young players on the team, so sometimes the TV gets switched to cartoons:

I knew Trevor Lewis was a bronie.

Of course, South Park:

Let’s be real… the players love to watch sports on TV too:


And you never know what’s going to be on the TV when Robyn Regehr grabs the remote control:

But I think it’s safe to assume that the LA Kings players watch the same thing that the rest of the world watches…

The Bachelor.

And what NHL Player doesn’t enjoy spending some time playing video games!

But NHL players are just like us… they love spend their time zoning out on Pop Culture! Like watching the local news…

Music Videos…

and amateur porn.

I think we know that NHL Players spend all their free time…. watching other NHL Players.

But think about all that time they spend watching San Jose Sharks and Vancouver Canucks Stanley Cup Highlight Videos!

I’m pretty sure however, that LA Kings management put an end to the players goofing off while watching TV and instead put some instructional videos on for them.

Well, it has seemed to work!


Alright, Tweeps… it’s time to vote for your favorite #LAKingsWatch Photoshop. I have narrowed it down to the Final Three!


A) The LA Kings Watch Highlights of Dwight King Scoring Goals

B) The LA Kings Watch The Notebook


C) The LA Kings Watch Themselves on Kings Weekly


Remember, the stakes are high. Because the winner will receive a T-Shirt of their choice from the TRH Gift Shoppe. So, vote below and the winner will be revealed on Monday.

And let us know what you think in the comments!

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