IN-GAME GIFS: LA Kings vs Colorado Avalanche – 2/26/14

Dramatic Roy - The Royal Half

The newest meme craze…. Dramatic Roy!

Rocky Mountain Sutter Face - The Royal Half

This is one camera shot of Darryl Sutter.

Regehr snipe on Avalanche - The Royal Half

Regehr scary face Avalanche - The Royal Half

Robyn Regehr with his 2nd goal in 5 minutes and 49 seconds.

Brown Warmup Wrister - The Royal Half

Dustin Brown thought he was taking a warmup shot on Jon Quick.

Stoll 2-2 LA Kings Avalanche - The Royal Half

King Stoll Brown is our favorite blues singer.

Sutter f-bomb Kings Avalanche - The Royal Half


Gremlin Roy - The Royal Half

Patrick Roy had some water spill on him and is now multiplying.

Kopitar 5-4 Kings Avalanche - The Royal Half

Just like they practiced.

Kopitar Soon - The Royal Half

Kopitar. Soon.

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