Welcome back to another edition of Flubber’s Game of the Week, where we take a weekly look at the game to watch in the NHL.  Flubber’s Game of the Week is back after a two week hiatus, where my only explanation is the games of the past two weeks sucked.  Sorry if you watched them.



It’s Thanksgiving!  Yay.  The best holiday of the year, where you don’t have to buy anything for anyone, you can engorge yourself without feeling guilty, and you can sit around and watch professional athletes entertain you all day.  Wait, did I say professional athletes?  I meant professional athletes and the Edmonton Oilers.

Speaking of the Edmonton Oilers, Ilya Bryzgalov is back!  You know what that means?  Weird Russian-American/Canadian social interactions!  Also, it means a slight improvement over their current goaltending situation (despite one game that we won’t talk about).

In fact, Bryz has some deep thoughts on American Thanksgiving.  It’s true.  Just ask him; he’ll tell you.  Then talk to you about the universe.  He’s a really terrible party guest.

Bryz, it appears, enjoys American Thanksgiving better than its Canadian counterpart.  For only in America one can be sloth all day without repercussion.  Just like only in (North) American one can be sloth at work and still get payed league minimum.  Here are some of his thoughts on true American traditions.

Bryzgalov on Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade:

“I’m not afraid of anything – except Snoopy.  But Snoopy in the air.”

Bryzgalov on the Detroit Lions’ recent Thanksgiving Day nine game losing streak:

Bryzgalov on turkey as the staple dish of Thanksgiving:

“This is turkey, and less than like 500 species probably left in the world.  China law – if you kill turkey, death penalty.  Yeah.  If you kill the turkey, and they find you, you’re dead, that’s it.”

Bryzgalov on the Dallas Cowboys traditional afternoon game:

Bryzgalov on the Black Friday shopping rush:

Never change, Bryz.  Never change.

 Obligatory Thanksgiving Videos

Video of High Importance

 American Thanksgiving: Better than Canadian Thanksgiving.


The Predators have more Americans.  They win, 3-2.  American Thanksgiving triumphs once again.

I remember the Oilers playing the Kings one year on Thanksgiving a long time ago.  Is the Oilers playing on Thanksgiving a thing?  I honestly have no idea.

Happy Thanksgiving!  Be safe. #WeAreAllThanksgiving #PostLikeJesseCohen

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