WEEK 8 (Nov 19-Nov 25)

GIF that best represents the week for both the Kings and Ducks:



Good luck getting that image out of your head. But yes indeed, it’s Thanksgiving week, which means it’s time for a very special edition of Freeway Farce and time for Kings and Ducks fans to reflect on what they are truly thankful for. 

Los Angeles Kings (15-6-3)

What are Kings fans thankful for?


Hey, Drew Doughty cleans up surprisingly well.

Wow. Trevor Lewis looks GOOD!

OhMyGod OhMyGod OhMyGod OhMyGod OhMyGod OhMyGod OhMyGod OhMyGod OhMyGod OhMyGod OhMyGod OhMyGod OhMyGod OhMyGod 

ps. Alba Legacy should feel free to send me some of those beautiful suits, since I just gave them a really nice plug. I am reachable via email. Thanks.

Linden Vey’s Style:

Topsiders. A peacoat. And the dude is wearing a Quicksilver hat, after being in LA for only two weeks.

Again, if any of these fine companies would like to send me some of their quality products, I don’t see any ethical conflict, mainly because I don’t have any ethics. That’s basically the TRH mission statement.

That’s a lot of talk about about NHL players’ choices of attire. I better stop now before I get a cease and desist from The Mayor

Ben Scrivens:

Oh man, Ben Scrivens and his wife have totally raised the cool-factor of this Kings team.

Wait, Mrs. Scrivens was hanging out with #TeamTRH nerds at the game? Nevermind, it’s ruined.


Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (17-6-3)

What are Ducks fans thankful for this year?

Dustin Penner:

I know that this is already frustrating for Kings fans, but at what point do they actually start taking this personally?

It’s not just on the ice. He continues to dominate social media as well:

Dustin Penner has a pretty good sense of humor about going through a semi-ugly, semi-public divorce

“Vatman” … Whoever that is:

Official twitter accounts for NHL teams have come a long way, over the past couple years, but every once in a while you still get something like this. Go home @AnaheimDucks, you’re awful.



What kind of tie did the refs put on it? Was it a bolo tie? I hope it was a bolo tie.

If you want to win the Cup, you can’t lose the conference.

Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. So now you are letting Lovejoy off the hook? Stick to your guns, man.

Ducks Fan Zone: voice of the people

Ducks Fan Zone: policing the internet



First Round, Stat Line of the Week:


Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 8.35.10 PM

The Kings are struggling to score goals, and playing overtime games? I just don’t see how that can be true.


Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 8.38.23 PM

The Ducks have gotten really good goalie play out of all three of their net-minders this season. The two, other than Jonas Hiller, don’t have a single game of postseason experience, and none of the three goalies have been all that durable. You weigh all of this against the fact that the organization holds the rights to one of the best goalie prospects in all of hockey. It is going to be really interesting to see how the Ducks play their hand, and how it affects their ability to build a team that can actually make a run in the playoffs.

Winner: California. The state of hockey.

Screen Shot 2013-11-24 at 8.58.26 PM

Second Round, War of Words:


via LA Kings Insider:

On what the younger players can gain team-wise from the road trip:
You get on long trips, you need four lines and six defensemen and two goalies. That was clear, and I don’t lump those guys together. You’ve got to make sure you don’t do that. They all play different positions, and clearly one player has outplayed the other two if you did it in a one-two-three order. So they’re all different. Quite honest, one of them last night was a game time decision whether I played him or not. Hopefully they learn something. [Reporter: With Vey – obvious question – is it great for him to be able to see Kopitar in person and watch him when the game is on the line in what’s needed to be done?] You learn in three different ways – we all do – by seeing it, by hearing it or doing it. SO hopefully he’s seeing it. It doesn’t matter if you’re a hockey player or whatever you are. That’s how you learn. Some of us are better in one way than another…In this environment, if a young player learns by seeing it better, than hearing about it or actually doing it, then good on him.

Father Sutter has no problem choosing favorites.


Bruce Boudreau, via @seangentille

The best part about that rant from Boudreau is him dropping a condescending “supposed” on the second and third lines’ scoring ability. 

Winner: My ability to find postgame quotes from the Ducks, thanks to their east coast road trip. Continue your great work with the paywalls, OC Register.


Third Round, Video Highlight of the Week:


That goal from Dustin Brown came just moments after this clever, humorous, insightful tweet:

So, you’re welcome Kings fans.


hahahaha Corey Perry LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL You are the worst.

Winner: Hateable NHL stars


WINNER OF THE WEEK: In honor of Thanksgiving, a holiday for which the only purpose seems to be to eat as much food as possible, I can think of only one man…


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