“…full of sound and fury, signifying nothing.”

– Macbeth, Act V

– PNC Arena, first two periods, Friday night 10/11

As if I wasn’t flirting with an amateur narcolepsy habit enough already, the first two periods of the Kings/Hurricanes game last night nearly tucked me in for the night. The last time the two teams met here, Randy Jones earned first star of the game (lol) and Erik Ersberg made 22 saves with his perfect Swedish Gerber Baby face. This outing proved to be somewhat less memorable, if only because it more closely resembled the types of Kings wins we’ve grown accustomed to over the past two years.

Do you remember the Iceberg?

The first two periods of this hockey game featured a fair amount of griping on Twitter, some of which proved to be oddly prescient:

And some seemed to be somewhat misguided:

Listen bub, I felt ill watching the game too, so I don’t want to hear your whining.

Speaking of gutted, in the third period the action finally started to unfold. With the Kings on the PK, Dwight “The Blight” King made a Kopitar-ian read on a brainfart by Justin Faulk, deftly robbing him of the puck, skating up to Cam Ward NHL ’14 style and tucking in one of the prettier goals of his career.

Of course, it only took a few moments for Jeff Skinner, the creepily youngest-looking NHL player, to equalize the game’s score at one, instantly horrifying everyone watching the game and bringing to light fears that this match would drag on into overtime.

When OT wasn’t enough to settle this one, despite the Kings skating 4-on-3 for two full minutes, we went to a shootout to wring every last pungent drop out of this game. Surprise surprise, Jeff Carter went backhand to seal the Kings’ victory, bringing a familiar sense of closure to the match. Let’s face it folks, we can expect a fair amount of Kings victories to look like this one. Grinding, solid play in the D zone, few goals to speak of, and a victory wrought from the timely exploitation of the opponent’s mistakes. This is who we are, and it’s not always flashy. The road back to the Cup won’t be filled with the instant gratification and constant excitement of our championship run or even last season’s short campaign and two series victories.

For some, this game brought lasting clarity and deep personal revelation:

For others, it brought mixed emotions:

Nice avatar, there – together, those three clubs almost add up to a legitimate hockey team.

Time to put this snoozer to bed. I’m bringing my talents to South Beach.

LA Kings record: 3-2-0

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