WEEK 3 (Oct 14-Oct 20)


Los Angeles Kings (6-3-0)

GIF That Best Represents the Past Week for the LA Kings:


draper drinking 2

Drinking is the only reasonable solution for having to watch Robyn Regehr every night.



Mayor’s Manor is getting into the #fancystats game, yo.

Uh oh. That’s Jewels From The Crown saying, “Get off my corner.


That’s plausible, I guess.

He seems less than convinced.

Passive aggressive shit-talking is the best kind of shit-talking.


Who did fake Bob Miller fool this week?:

Shhhhhhh. Nobody say anything.

Dammit, Patrick O’Neal!


Mighty Ducks of Anaheim (7-1-0)

GIF That Best Represents the Past Week for the Mighty Ducks of Anaheim:



IT’S ALL HAPPENING!!! (bonus points for this GIF, because of the Sean Avery connection)

Fan of the Week:

*presented without comment


The Worst of the Worst from @ducksfanzone:


How are we supposed to know which tweets are sarcastic and which are just delusional?

Oh no, we are VERY amused. And stop crediting TRH for these. The name is Hrudey Can’t Fail, and MY NAME IS MY NAME.


Ducks Fan Zone responding by firing off four tweets in six minutes is the most Ducks Fan Zone thing ever.

But eventually he got down to the real business. Answering last week’s burning question:

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 10.34.36 AM

Like any rational person on the internet, Ducks Fan Zone (A.K.A. Alex Adrian) took to the comments section and resorted to name calling.

Screen Shot 2013-10-20 at 10.32.54 AM

And then took to twitter:

Let’s be clear. The fact that Senators fans did this before you doesn’t make it OK.

I haven’t seen somebody this excited about stealing a lame idea since the Phoenix Coyotes white outs.

From what I can tell, no other Ducks fans know that it’s a real thing either.

GOOD LUCK WITH THAT!!! The upside to all of this twitter rambling was that we got Freeway Farce’s first review on record:


I guess that was an advanced review for this Week 3 post? We’ll take it.



First Round, Team Chemistry:


CarcillYO_2 (2)

It’s not that the entire team left Daniel Carcillo hanging. It’s that the others are just that jaded about Anze Kopitar’s greatness. But yeah, there is also a pretty good chance that they all hate him by now.


Just kidding. That’s not Nick Bonino. That’s the Ducks power play coach.

Winner: Ducks

There is a good chance that “pigeon guy” is more mentally stable than Daniel Carcillo.

Carcillo Go1


Second Round, War of Words:


Darryl Sutter, from

On the potential of Matt Frattin leaving the lineup:

Well, there hasn’t been anybody saying that he’s leaving the lineup.

On whether he’s looking for something more from Frattin:

Not specifically from him. I think from our group…They drop the puck at 7:30, and generally that’s who’s in the lineup. So I don’t think the coaches on any team are going to tell you who’s in the lineup, or any of that. I can say ‘somebody’s hurt,’ just like Hanley Ramirez.

You guys, Jon Rosen is wasting his life by attending these morning skates.


Ryan Getzlaf, from Lance Pugmire of the LA Times

A comment from Philadelphia Flyers General Manager Paul Holmgren that former Ducks defenseman Chris Pronger “is never going to play again” was met by a tribute Wednesday from a former teammate who played with Pronger on the Ducks’ Stanley Cup-winning team.

Ducks captain Ryan Getzlaf was asked what Pronger’s standout trait was.  “Accountability amongst yourselves in the locker room,” Getzlaf said. “Some people like him, some people don’t. He is who he is. He held us accountable, and we held each other accountable, and it made us a better hockey team.”

BORRRRRRR-ING. I don’t know about you guys, but Ryan Getzlaf wasn’t the former teammate I wanted to hear share his thoughts on Chris Pronger.

ricahrds pronger

Winner: Ducks

For the record, “Some people like him, some people don’t. He is who he is.” is the best compliment Getzlaf could think of for Pronger


Third Round, Video Highlight of the Week:


Scoring a goal is only the second weirdest thing that Kyle Clifford did this week.

That wasn’t the only Kyle Clifford photobomb we were treated to this week.

Wow. A rare Kyle Clifford reverse-photobomb.


Daniel Carcillo is the Kings second line LW. Dustin Penner had two goals in his first seven games with the Ducks. But then this happened:

More like Ryan Gar-ASSHOLE. 

Hey Ducks training staff, WHY ARE YOU LETTING HIM GET UP?!?!?

Winner: Kings

Kyle Clifford Doing Stuff DOT Tumblr DOT COM

clifford bench press


WINNER OF THE WEEK: The Ducks and Jonas Hiller’s flair for the dramatic


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