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The next installment of the Mike Modano Cup!

mm6Not quite

MODANOCUP1 There we go.

For the first matchup of the season, we’ll explore the rivalry (or non-rivalry) between these two teams.  Assuming a Minnesotan has stopped you on the street and politely talked to you for hours – as they are want to do – you know that in 1993 the Minnesota North Stars owner Norman Green moved the team from Minnesota to Dallas, Texas, making the Stars one of the first “Sun Belt” franchises in the NHL.

Of course, after years of complaining the NHL awarded the Twin Cities with an expansion franchise.  But since then, Minnesotans have been whining about their precious old team that never won a Stanley Cup being taken away, saying things like “Norm Green sucks,” and Dallas “stole” their team.  As a result, Wild fans see the Stars as something of a rival, but since they don’t play a Wednesday night game against each other televised on NBCSN this season this talk of a rivalry is obviously a lie.

Debunking the Myths of a Dallas–Minnesota Rivalry

Point #1

Since the Stars have been rebranded with their new Chocolate Starfish Big D jerseys, (finally) moved into the Central Division, and completely renovated their lineup to now have no discernible talent, it is easier to assume that Saturday will be the first time each of these two teams have ever played each other.  Minnesotans should have no qualms with this particular Dallas team, because it’s an entirely different team whatsoever.  Plus, it was the Minnesota North Stars, not Stars.  Those are obviously two different things.

Point #2

The Minnesota Wild play in St. Paul.  The North Stars played in Bloomington, which is a suburb of Minneapolis.  These are hardly the same place, and the sooner Twin Citizens realize this, the sooner they can move on.

Point #3

Mike Modano is gone, get over it.  Modano left with the rest of the North Stars in 1993 because it’s cold and crappy in Minnesota.  No one likes to play hockey in the cold.  That’s why he moved to the plentiful sunshine and warm climate of North Texas without ever looking back again.

Point #4

How can you hate a guy like Norm Green?  Just read this 1993 Sports Illustrated article:

Green was hit with a sexual harassment suit filed by Kari Dziedzic, his former executive assistant. She alleges that he often kissed female employees, including her, and required kisses in return, that he shook a female employee’s shoulder to see if she was wearing a bra and that he wanted to hire a receptionist with “the right look,” which he explained was blonde hair, large breasts and a pretty face.

He’s a shrewd businessman who knows what the people want.  You could say he was way ahead of his time.


Point #5

If you want to get historical, in 47 games all time head-to-head, Dallas leads Minnesota 23-14-1, with a 7-2 overtime record.  That’s 30-16-1.  Not much of a rivalry if you only win about 33% of the time, Minnesota, but you know that already.

Terrible Fan Video

The green changed my outlook on life.  Not like the lame North Stars green.


The Stars win 3-2 and end this stupid “rivalry” once and for all.

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