Greetings fellow Kings fans!  Jesse Cohen here to fill in (again) for Official #HashtagTeamTRH Kings Twitter Recapper PumperNicholl.

It’s been a long summer full of Baseball and no hockey. So when Sunday night FINALLY rolled around you knew there was only one thing that people were going to be talking about.

OK sure…
but that’s not the kind of thing that HOCKEY FANS pay attention to. With two Pre-Season NHL Games on the slate you could bet that KINGS FANS would be talking about one thing and one thing only.

Man. Were there ANY hockey fans watching the Kings on Sunday night???

I bet he’d watch if they all spoke with British accents and had tea and crumpets every episode.

Another amazing episode of Breaking Bad wasn’t the only non-stop violent massacre in the desert, The LA Kings also managed to lose both games to the Phoenix Coyotes.

Of course nobody cares about wins and losses in the preseason.

ok ALMOST nobody but to be fair The Mayor covers the sport from top to bottom. Literally.

But seriously… the only thing less relevant than winning Preseason games is winning a Division Title without winning the Stanley Cup.

I don’t think I’ll ever get tired of this photo.

This summer the Kings have welcomed back fan favorite Sean O’Donnell and the controversial Rob Blake so it was no surprise to see Kings fans welcoming back with open arms another “throwback” Kings player from days gone by.

Whew… these go on forever but let’s move on.

There’s nothing funny about a player getting injured during a game.

Unless there’s no video immediately available and you’ve got MSPaint.

The only thing better than the news that Rusty Klesla was released from the hospital and appears to be recovering well was that there were no replays to fuel a twitter fire of debates and arguments about if the hit was clean or not.

Without any video replay, at this point it was just up to the NHL to decide if Jordan Nolan was subject to any suspensions for his hit on Rusty Klesla. And NOW we finally see the real wisdom in the hiring of Rob Blake.  Before being hired as Kings Assistant GM, Blake served as NHL Hockey Operations Manager and assisted Brendan Shanahan when it came to Player Discipline.

Now I’m not saying that hiring Rob Blake was done exclusively to ensure that any future NHL rulings would be in favor of the Kings or at least go against their opponents but….

So the Coyotes managed to win a meaningless game but lose two players to injury and suspension… it’s like the 2012 Stanley Cup Playoffs all over again.

I can’t wait for the Coyotes to raise a Preseason Division Banner.


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