Greetings Kings fans.  I probably don’t like you and you probably don’t like me but regular #TeamTRH Twitter Recapper, PumperNicholl, had anything better to do this week so it’s fallen to me to recap Tuesday nights celebration of the Los Angeles Kings at Dodger Stadium. I’ll try not to fall asleep by the 4th inning.

The Dodgers are in the middle of a fantastic season (I’m told) and expectations are higher than they’ve been in years.  Dodgers fans are rumored to be some of the most passionate and loyal fans in all of Sportsdom so there’s only so much you can do to get them extra pumped to come out to Chavez Ravine.

You didn’t think I meant Kings Night did you?

The Dodgers are savy marketers… so they wouldn’t waste Magic Johnson Bobblehead Night on the same night as Kings Night! So instead, Tuesday was a night to come out and celebrate the Los Angeles Kings players while enjoying some good old fashion baseball! What other possible reason could there be to attend this game?

Meeting Magic Johnson might entice me to spend the two hours it takes to leave Dodger Stadium after a game but a grown ass man wearing a smelly lion costume and a hockey jersey? If there was a way to combine those two things… then you might actually convince me to watch a baseball game live.

Nah. I still wouldn’t go.

When the Kings had their “Dodgers Night” they wore custom made Dodgers hockey sweaters.  So what did the Dodgers do to honor the Kings on Kings Night?

I have no idea what’s happening in that clip but I’m pretty sure it’s illegal in most civilized nations.

Another nice surprise for Kings and Dodgers fans was the chance to ask everyone in their section “who’s that” when Dan Carcillo was introduced.

Since nobody expects Carcillo to work out in LA, the Dodgers were nice enough to let the homeless guy that lives in their dugout give him some advice on where the best soup kitchens are.

On a serious note… is EVERYBODY named Brian Wilson a crazy bastard?

And now the requisite Jeff Carter moment.

I never really understood why The Royal Half had such a crush on this dude until I saw this photo.

Of course Carter, Greene and Carcillo had to experience the highlight of attending any Major League Baseball game……

Meeting retired NBA players.

Side note : The best part of this photo has got to be the dejected look on Vic the Bricks face.

Sports, and baseball especially, are full of pointless boring traditions and none are as drawn out and awful as the “Ceremonial First Pitch” (although the “Ceremonial Dropping of the Puck” comes close) but at least it’s a fairly simple task and anybody with even a modicum of talent and attention can ma……

Dan Carcillo everybody!


So the Kings guys met the Dodgers guys, the Kings guys met the Magic Guy, the fans met Bailey, the First Pitch was thrown…    the only thing left to do was take some awkwardly posed publicity photos.

Jeff Carter makes Matt Greene and Daniel Carcillo hold his balls.

Pregame nonsense out of the way, it was time to settle in and take a nap watch baseball.

OK…   so this is where there would usually be a lot of tweets reacting to the game and what happened during it but there was really only one moment in the entire evening that anybody is going to remember.

I’ve never had my nap be interrupted by an even bigger and more aggressive nap before.  It was like a nap devouring it’s own tail.  If there had been a poker tournament on ESPN at the same time I would have slipped into a coma.

Fortunately for me there was plenty of in-depth Kings coverage to focus on.  Now lot’s of people have given my friend The Mayor a lot of guff for focusing too much on what kind of hats the players wear but he proved to everybody on Tuesday night that his expertise is far from limited to just what people wear on their head

The Mayor everybody!

So they played the game and I think the Dodgers won in a shootout or something…  I don’t know.  I don’t watch baseball. But at least the only thing more exciting than baseball is back… PRE-SEASON ICE HOCKEY!!!

The only thing Jesse Cohen loves more than the LA Kings is talking to strangers about the LA Kings. You can follow Jesse Cohen on Twitter @KingsMenPodcast.