Just like with every franchise, there have been plenty of landmark moments in LA Kings history.

Whether good or bad, these instances have shaped where the team is and what it has become. And fans tend to look back at these brief periods with a bit of revisionist history.

They claim they knew it all along, but did they really know anything?

Most likely not.

So, inspired by Greg Wyshynski and some new-found internet technology… I’ve taken it upon myself to hunt down the true reactions of various trades, games, rumors, signings and other monumental moments in the history of the Kings franchise.

It wasn’t easy to do, but a free hot tub from Craigslist and a few cases of Chernobly later, I was able to travel back in time to see these instances unfold in real time.

I never got to choose what point in time I was sent to, but I documented it all. I made sure not to alter anything, for I did not know how the future would be affected. I simply sat back and copied and pasted tweet URLs.

You’re welcome for not ruining history.

Since he is about to embark on his first full season as LA Kings Head Coach… first up is the days leading up to the hiring of Darryl Sutter. Dean Lombardi brought in Sutter to replace the recently fired Terry Murray, under whom the team had sputtered after early season aspirations to making a deep playoff run. At this point, Lombardi was fighting to keep his own job, and while many were hoping for a big splash, this wasn’t exactly what they had in mind.

Darryl Sutter Watch LA Kings

I won’t ruin the ending for you just in case you’re just now waking up from an 18-month coma.

But at least #TeamTRH was on board from the beginning!

…or not.


Anyway, let’s get started!

At least it wasn’t just the TRH bloggers.

Wil Wheaton is totally right, in that he was much more relevant in the 90s as well.


*see above note*

*see above the above note*

They tried. But even Lemaire thought the LA Kings had a lack of scoring.

Maple Leaf fans are probably wishing this was a question for them.

I’m still not sure what he was trying to write.

Adam Proteau laying the smack down! …with an analogy that makes no sense.

Wonder if Steve Simmons ended up happy with Randy Carlyle.

Like the rest of these tweeters, I’m not sure Patrick will be an NHL GM any time soon.

Sounds just like the California I grew up in.

LA Kings fans, everyone!

Obligatory mention of Sutter taking the Calgary Flames to Game 7 of the Stanley Cup Final.

CAPITAL #letters

Seriously, someone get Wil Wheaton out of the 90s. We need him too much in this decade.

I’m with @CanadianMeat on this one. Sutter and Lombardi do deserve each other.

Darryl Sutter Yelling LA Kings
As far as Kings fans are concerned, Darryl Sutter can yell like this all he wants.

Darryl Sutter Fist Pump LA Kings

Darryl Sutter showing all of the emotion…
and demonstrating to what he did to all of his non-believers from December.

It’s funny how time can change a few things.

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