TRH RECAP: Puck Daddy’s NHLoN LA Kings Edition

I can’t begin to tell you how much fun all of #HashtagTeamTRH had helping out with the NHLoN post for Puck Daddy. Between the suggestions, conversations, name-calling and all out warfare (Sorry, Jack, I’m sure your eyebrows will grow back), we simply had a blast watching @theroyalhalf take credit for our ideas and the hard work @indiana_matt and @ironsightdesign put into their photoshops.

And it looks like LA Kings along with fans from all around the world loved what we produced!

Let’s a take a quick look at some of the best reviews before we start:

Guys, you’re making us blush…
This can only go up!
Uh oh.
 Oh, right, right.


What? One more? Alright, just for you guys.

LA Kings fans, everyone!

A new website, but the same old lovable fans and their well-thought out comments.

Let’s drop the puck on the first 2013-14 recap of the year!

But let’s get back to the fun.
 Well I guess we can’t all be as cultured as Zak…
Perhaps we can talk about a topic of your choosing.
Great question, Zak. We should discuss this over tea some time.
It was a comical look at a nonsensical topic, PSER.
Ever heard of satire, or taking things lightly?
 Oh, you have! Maybe you just like posting comments and acting tough?

Hey! You know that one, too, PSER!

Hoo boy.
I’d like to thank Mike for his soliloquy on why he doesn’t have a sense of humor.
I mean, most people would just move on with their lives.
But not Mike!
He’d much rather yell at no one in particular about us not taking an arbitrary list seriously.
Well, as long as he stands by what he believes that Puck Daddy should only provide serious hockey talk.




Whoa, whoa, Mark. Don’t tell me you take Yahoo posts seriously.

 Whew! Was worried there for a second.

 Wait, what?

Oh, Legion of Doom, you were probably just trying to be funny and it missed.

It’s OK, we’ll give you another shot if you want one.

Moving on, then.
We can always count on the stoner OC crowd for some support!
Talk about hitting below the belt…
Especially when Alex is clearly such a die-hard fan!


Thanks for stepping in before @theroyalhalf’s head exploded, Starlight.


Come on, Rich. That was just shortsighted and mean.
Is that how you want to come off?
Oh. OK then.
 Powerful stuff right there, Sandy.


I’m really glad you created a Yahoo account to tell us that…
Yes, in an attempt to be unique, we did something unique and different from everyone else so far.
Thanks for catching on so quickly.
And I’m sure someone who would call us “clowns” would never say anything dumb unprompted.
Yahoo commenters, everyone!


Our humor may not tickle everyone’s fancy, and that’s fine.

We just ask that you don’t stop spewing your hate-fueled hearts onto message boards, Twitter, Facebook and the rest of far-reaching corners of the Internet, so the rest of us can make the Summer months fly by before the next NHL season starts.

Pumper, out!

PumperNicholl is a lifelong LA Kings fan and actually learned how to speak English from Bob Miller by watching LA Kings games… and the Police Academy movies. You should probably follow PumperNicholl on Twitter @pumpernicholl