TRH Stanley Cup Final Downtime: Game ONe

There is probably too much downtime between the end of the Los Angeles Kings 3rd Round series and the start of their Stanley Cup Final matchup against the New Jersey Devils. So when Spike Coffman, producer of The Fourth Period Radio Show on XM Home Ice and The Royal Half’s In-House 1990s LA Kings Historian came to me with an idea… I knew it would be perfect to fill all sorts of dead space before the Final begins. So on the eve of the LA Kings return to the Stanley Cup Final for the first time in 19 years, Spike and I present… a screengrab recap of June 1st, 1993, Game 1 between the Los Angeles Kings and the Montreal Canadiens.

Nothing has changed one bit, right?
Of course I’m referring to the fact that Don Cherry still hates Europeans.

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Wayne Gretzky walking into the Montreal Forum or still from Harrison Ford’s Presumed Innocent.

The Canadian Media was so convinced that Montreal was going to win Game 1
they presented the Cup to Guy Carbonneau pre-game.

“Keys to Victory” were just as useless 19 years ago as they are today.

Boy… LA Kings fans sure had it bad in the late 80’s/early 90’s.
Good thing this franchise never had a playoff stretch like this again.

Hrudey’s on Duty tonight.

Rob Blake has hungry eyes.

Mike Donnelly’s teammate is doing a killer “kilroy was here.

Pat Conacher was so good in 1993 he played most of the games with his eyes closed.

Charlie Huddy sucks.

I’m sorry, but there is just something so awesome about Jari Kurri in a Kings jersey.

Tomas Sandstrom performs his traditional Swedish Scream of Honor before stepping onto the ice.

Oh man… I always forget Gary Shuchuk was a NHL player.

Robb “Blueline” Stauber.

Don’t you dare make a joke about Dave Taylor, TRH.

How do you say Luc in French?

Gosh… you know, I’m so bad with names. Can’t remember this guy at all.

There were a couple of surprise guests at Game 1 in Montreal as well.

Larry Robinson sure picked the right year to retire.

Jim Thompson’s Mullet was there.

LA Dodgers Announcer and former ESPN personality, Charlie Steiner was at the game.

This guy was there.

Pierre McGuire may be known for it mostly, but NHL analyst Barry Melrose was the first to report
from behind the glass during an NHL game. What’s that? He was the coach??? Yeah, right. 

Damn I miss Gretzky.

The 1993 Canadiens were the bizarro 2012 LA Kings.

I feel like that is more Power Play goals than the Kings had during the entire 2012 season.

One of my favorite all-time memories is Darryl Sydor getting hit in the face with a puck
right off the opening faceoff of the Stanley Cup Final as a rookie.

Welcome to the show, kid. 

After the 1st period, the game was tied 1-1.

HAHAHAHAHA. Ed Ronan has a Stanley Cup Ring.

Which is one more Stanley Cup Ring than Don Cherry has.

Jari Kurri loses no faceoff.

Obviously, Patrick Roy shot the puck over the glass.

And Luc Robitaille made him pay.

The Kings headed into the 2nd Intermission with a 2-1 lead on the road.

18 and life to go.

And then it was time for the Warren Rychel Comedy Hour on CBC!

Somehow I feel like the players weren’t so anxious to get one of those towels in 1993.
That logo is enormous.

Warren Rychel will be playing Stephen Baldwin in the bio-pic about the Making of Slap Shot 2.


Kirk Muller can spend time on my ice any day of the week.

Wow… what a piece of history captured on tape.
The days when you could afford to bring your family to a game in Montreal.

Everyone thinks the Green Men in Vancouver are so original…
but the Quakers did it in Montreal first.

This screengrab is SO my childhood.

Jari Kurri makes it 3-1.
Seriously, can Jari Kurri not look awesome in a Kings jersey?!?

Nope… still awesome.

This is SO Wayne Gretzky after scoring a goal.


So is this.

Patrick Roy as the 3rd star in a 4-1 loss?
Never change, Canadian Media. Never change.

Worst. Episode of. Playboy After Dark. Ever.

The LA Kings take Game 1 on the road in Montreal. Man, they’ve totally got this.

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