TRH Playoff Recap Round 2/Game 2: Draped in Defeat

I have to say… after falling down 2-0 in the 2nd Round of their Playoff series with the Los Angeles Kings, I’m a little worried about the emotional state of the St. Louis Blues most famous fan.

That’s right, Jon Hamm aka Don Draper has sat by quietly as his favorite NHL team has lost control of this series to the hottest new thing from his current hometown of Hollywood. And for the first time in nearly 2 years… Sad Don Draper has reappeared on the pages of The Royal Half.

Man, they really do give the best seats to the celebrities, huh?

Indiana Matt wants you to create your own Sad Don Draper and Tweet it out to him.

But trust me… nothing you can come up with is going to look sadder than this:

Sad Vlad Sobotka is my favorite indie rock band.


I’m not saying the LA Kings are feeling confident… but their players went out of their way on Monday night to remind the St. Louis Blues exactly how many games the home team has won this series.

Vintage Mike Richards trolling. Literally… vintage Mike Richards trolling.

I really have to commend the NBC family of networks for the excellent job they’ve been doing with their national coverage of the 2nd Round. (Well, except for the constant butchering of Anze Kopitar’s first name.) But what I’ve been most amazed with is how they really provide the best camera coverage of the game so that you feel like you are right there!

CNBC’s female viewership dropped to .01 during this interview. Down from .02. 

And I’ve also been impressed with NBC’s on-air graphics. And by impressed… I mean completely saturated with advertisements.

The Bacardi Power Play.
Well, at least they know their audience.

I’m looking into the rumor that if the LA Kings keep scoring Shorthanded Goals
NBC is going to start calling it the “Craftsman Kings Penalty Kill” to boost ratings.

“Kia is a vastly superior machine.”
Can we just talk about the fact that while being interviewed down 3-0 to the LA Kings…
Ken Hitchcock is making an actual facepalm?

I just wish there was some way to visually represent what the fans of the St. Louis Blues are feeling right now.

I’m not sure what emotion this screengrab of Roman Polak conveys besides “pure terror.”


Now we know how he’s been able to improve his skating in this series.

Don’t mess with the Bear, BJ Crombeen.

I wish there was some way to visually represent how all Los Angeles Kings fans felt on Monday night.

I mean, I think we all knew that Jon Quick would be the most important King to lead this team into battle… but this is getting ridiculous.

I mean… come on… he is actually kneeling like a freakin’ young King.

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