TRH Recap 47: The Win Suits Him

Who cares about Dustin Penner scoring his first goal in 17 games?!? One of our T-Shirts was featured in the latest KingsVision video about the LA Kings Meet The Players party!!!

We have no idea who you are… but we love you.

Sadly… this was only the 2nd best T-Shirt featured in Tuesday nights game between the Los Angeles Kings and the Vancouver Canucks…

We have no idea who you are Sedin Sisters T-shirt Guy… but we love you.
And so does Anze Kopitar. 


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Thankfully, all that controversy from last week over Dustin Penner admitting he hurt his back eating pancakes has blown over.

Or not.

That’s right… Vancouver Canucks fans can do more than rip off It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Sneaking in a bottle of Aunt Jemima Syrup so you can place it directly behind Dustin Penner all game is actually really funny… until Dustin Penner scores a goal against your team. 

This is a photo of the last time Dustin Penner scored a goal.

I bet $5000 that no one has ever called Dustin Penner “Diesel.”

You know what happens when you score a goal for the Los Angeles Kings, don’t you?

Darryl Sutter touches you, that’s what.

This game wasn’t about Dustin Penner’s rare goal or Mike Richards’ sick-ass shootout winner… no, this game was about one thing and one thing only… Darryl Sutter’s Brown Suit.

It’s ironic that during a “What to Watch For” segment you have to turn your eyes away.

I guess it could be worse… Coach Sutter could be dressed like those two mooks behind him.

Does Ron Willson know you raid his wardrobe?

I’m not saying Darryl Sutter is an old-school type coach…
but he struggles horribly with damn-fangled new technology like headphones. 

I really think I might be addicted to taking screengrabs of Darryl Sutter.
No… seriously guys… I’m not kidding. I need professional help.
No, really. Please help me. 

Darryl Sutter doing his best Brian Burke impression

Halfway through the game the coverage switched to NBC’s telecast of Olympic Trials for Diving
and it featured two of the best competitors in the world.

“Okay, now that I scored… can you hook me up with one of Katie’s friends?” 

“Sorry bro, the deal was 5 goals by the All-Star Break. You’ve only got 3.”

 I get the feeling Justin Williams has inner demons we may never know about.
Maybe I should ask his mom.

Ok… I’m ready for the LA Kings to start being hated.

And finally… check out the amount of Kevin Bieksa Fail there was on this one play…

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: This is the guy who brought the Aunt Jemima into the arena and sat behind the glass. AND HE HAS PHOTOS!!!!

Nice seats, bro!

Really nice seats, bro!

Nice syrup, bro!

John Stevens is not amused.

1) Jon Bernier is wearing his NHL Premiere Hat.
2) Jon Bernier has sticks of gum lined up behind him at the ready. 

DOUBLE BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: Just talked with Randeep Johal. He frequents these seats behind the glass for Vancouver Canucks games and wants to be clear that he did not bring in the bottle of Aunt Jemima to the game but rather was handed it by a fellow fan he did not know who was sitting a few rows back.

The bottle was behind the LA Kings bench for about half the game before a security guard came and asked for it. The other front row season ticket holders started giving the security guard a hard time telling him that it was simply just “topping” for Johal’s popcorn. The security guard replied “Pass me the maple syrup or you are going to have to leave.”

Johal told me that the Kings players definitely noticed the bottle. And surprisingly, Darryl Sutter looked over at it and had “no emotion.” Johal went on to describe Sutter as a “cool, calm guy.”

Dustin Penner was not impressed according to Johal. He looked back at the bottle at least 5 times while it was on the ledge. But Johal might have had a hand in Penner’s 1st goal in 17 games because “Penner is a force out there when he wants to be. After he saw the Aunt Jemima it really ticked him off. Even after it was gone, he kept looking over his back. After the game, they all [the Kings players] looked back at us like ‘What’s up now!'” 

Besides teasing Dustin Penner with a bottle of pancake syrup, Johal also was fascinated with the behavior of Jon Bernier. Johal said “he was passing towels to the players, joking and he held Penner’s gloves for him a couple times. I don’t know why.” And Johal noticed that Bernier “had juicy fruit and bubble gum all lined up nice and neat on the edge of the glass. So I lined up my peanuts and beer and cell phone.”

As a warning to fans in other NHL arenas that might want to replicate this feat when the Kings are in town, Johal told me that it was pretty rare that he got away with this for as long as he did. “You can’t do that kind of stuff. I have had posters taken away. We know the rules behind the bench. The security there is not friendly. I took a chance by putting it there, I know I could have got kicked out. I’ve been warned for banging on the glass too hard.”

Again, Randeep Johal didn’t bring the Aunt Jemima bottle into Rogers Arena. He just was the dude who put it up against the glass behind Dustin Penner. And for that reason alone, he’s awesome.

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