TRH Recap 40: Daryl Hall of Legends


Forget about the fact that referees prevented an obvious goal from being scored by Justin Williams… Monday night at Staples Center was all about the honoring of LA Kings Legend, Daryl Evans. You may remember Daryl Evans from… from… from… oh… right. Scoring a goal in the playoffs in 1982!

The video isn’t the only thing that is fading about Daryl Evans’ legend.

So in an effort to sell tickets to a Monday night game against a non-exciting opponent, the Kings held the 2nd of their “Legends Night” this season. The 1st Legends Night honored Bernie Nicholls, a player who was a King for 9 years and once scored 70 goals in a season. Monday’s Legends Night honored a player who was a King for 105 games and scored 21 goals total.

Either Daryl Evans brought his Mom to the game…
or he has the ugliest wife ever.

I wish there was some way to visually represent all of Daryl Evan’s tremendous accomplishments as a LA King.

Ok… he was selected 178th Overall.
I guess just being drafted is an accomplishment, right?

Evans is widely known for his 52 points in 113 NHL games.
I guess this rules Dustin Penner out of a LA Kings Legends Night.

Oh right… the Miracle on Manchester goal.
Wanna know what it’s like to be a fan of the LA Kings?
The most memorable goal in LA Kings history comes during the 3rd game of a 1st round playoff series.
That’s what it’s like to be a fan of the LA Kings. 

Sweet… Daryl Evans led the Kings in Playoff Scoring in 1982…
the only year he played in the playoffs besides 1 game with Toronto in 1987.

It’s awesome that Daryl Evans is being honored for his 13 seasons on the radio.
Man, I hope Bob Miller will get honored by the Kings one day for his 39 seasons.

Well, if I got to hang out with those ladies I’d host the LA Kings 5k Run too.

Okay, well I guess I can’t make fun of these.

Ugh, get that guy on the left out of the photo!
I only want to see LA Kings Legends!!!

(On a side note… is it me or is Luc Robitaille
looking more and more like young Tim Robbins these days?) 

Most of Daryl Evans’ family also joined the festivities, including his brother Tom on the far right…

… who is the smallest man I’ve ever seen in my life.

Oh god… we fucking get it already. Enough with the Miracle on Manchester!

So the Daryl Evans LA Kings Legends Night has come and gone. But I can’t wait for the Drew Doughty Legend Night in 10 years… because it seems that the only qualification for being a LA Kings Legend is having one good season!

“Hey guys, remember 2009-2010? That was awesome.”

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