TRH Recap 9: Slava-vating

Mike Richards
Slava Voynov
Dustin Brown
Anze Kopitar
Justin Williams
Scott Parse
Ethan Moreau
Kyle Clifford

The 8 above players each recorded at least 1 point during the game Thursday night against the Dallas Stars.
I think I know why Dustin Penner did not…

He’s easily distracted by shiny objects.

SLAVA VOYNOV, The Hearts of Kings Nation 

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The only thing worse than not being able to see the Los Angeles Kings play a great game like this each night… would be not being able to see the Los Angeles Kings play each night. And during the Kings 5-3 win over the Dallas Stars… Fox Sports West went well out of their way to make sure I knew this was a possibility.

Hmm… one of these is not like the others.
I’m looking at you, National Geographic Channel.

The whole night I thought this banner said “KeepMyNuts.Com”
and was in support of eliminating the neutering of dogs.

But then… the most important banner of all got flashed along the bottom of my HDTV screen…

And DirecTV sent a guy out to repair it right away.

“In Soviet Russia, you outscore Penner.”

With 2 goals and an assist tonight, Slava Voynov hasn’t just outscored Dustin Penner this season… he’s matched Penner’s scoring over the past 26 games Penner has played as a King.

Oh and this guy outscored Dustin Penner in one game.

Thursday night’s game for Slava Voynov had been a-coming. Over the past 4 games since he was called up to replace Drew Doughty, it’s been easy to recognize that Voynov is a student of the game. He’s been studying the fine line between jumping up in the play as an offensive defenseman while staying back for his defensive responsibilities. And tonight, it all meshed together perfectly as he was flying up the ice, jumping into the play left and right.

Drew Doughty comes back on Saturday against the Phoenix Coyotes. How can Dean Lombardi and Coach Murray really keep Voynov out of the lineup on Saturday? Some have suggested that Matt Greene should be the defenseman to step out of the lineup… and while I feel like that day may soon be approaching, for now, I say give Alec Martinez the night off on Saturday and give Voynov one more shot to show this team he is the real deal. But how will we know when Slava Voynov is the real deal? When he makes it onto the front page of the Pun Headlines, that’s when!

Looks like he’s the real deal.

“Mr. Ethan. Uh, my English is no good. But.. uh.. how do you say…
this is easy, no? Why no Mr. Dustin score in NHL?”

I will say this… Coach Murray’s wake-up chat and subsequent demotion to the 3rd line did Dustin Penner well tonight. He played his best game of the season. But that’s not really saying much. Penner wasn’t brought to LA to skate on the 3rd line with Jarret Stoll and Brad Richardson. And while Scott Parse did have 1 goal tonight, he also took 3 penalties. Coach Murray rarely messes with the lines after a victory… so short of Drew Doughty stepping in and some combination of Voynov, Martinez or Greene stepping out… I feel like Penner is penciled in to the 3rd line for at least a couple more games.

“Hey Quicker. Your team scores one more goal and I’m giving you the 2nd assist just to mess with Penner.”

“Aww man, that’s funny. Fucked up, but funny.”

“Okay… so Richards has 3 tonight, right? Kopi… you have 2. I’ve got 3….”

“Shhh… be quiet… he’s coming over.”

“Hey, Dustin! You were even out there tonight… nice job, buddy!”

Matt Greene really needs to learn that he can block shots with his shin guards.

The only thing scarier than Matt Greene getting a head start on his “Anze Kopitar FrankenBerry” costume…

Andrew Raycroft’s O-face.



Even though this Los Angeles Kings team lost a 3-1 lead, they still played an infinitely better game than the one they played on Tuesday against the New Jersey Devils. And smile if you were the one person who thought Scott Parse would make the difference.

“Who’s being second-guessed now, bitches?”

Here’s a Dallas Stars Fun Fact!
The Stars have 3 losses on the season… 2 of which are to the Kings.

Big roadtrip this weekend with back to backs in Phoenix and Denver. Honestly, I wouldn’t be surprised if Coach Murray scratches both Slava Voynov and Alec Martinez to put in Drew Doughty and Davis Drewiske. It’s just what makes Coach Murray, Coach Murray.

Well, we tried something different Thursday night in our on-going saga of trying to give away a free t-shirt if you can guess when Dustin Penner would score his 1st point in that particular nights game. For the game against the Stars, we made it simple… predict who would score 1st… Penner or Parse. There was a great amount of entries in #PennerVSParse but the real winners last night were @Sgisasi and @PaulGagliese who both stated that Slava Voynov would be the real scorer of the night. Both you guys can email me and let me know what shirts you want. But the big winner was me.

Ok, Duke… I’d like this one please. Now.

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