Playoff Threat Level

As we head closer and closer to the NHL playoffs, it gets tougher and tougher to truly know whether your favorite Western Conference team is actually in the playoff race or not. For instance, the Los Angeles Kings jumped from 9th place to 7th place Tuesday night in the West while one of the 4 teams they are tied with dropped from 8th to 11th… even though the Dallas Stars have the same amount of points as the Kings. Confusing, right? We introduced The Royal Half Playoff Tracker 3000!!! to help simplify the Western Conference race… but it’s becoming painfully obvious that no matter how advanced the technology of the Playoff Tracker 3000!!! is… it’s just not enough. So now, presenting The Royal Half Los Angeles Kings Playoff Threat Level Meter!!!

The goal is simple. You want to be as hot as possible heading into the playoffs. Tom Webster was the only coach that has consistently led this franchise to a high conference finish and made it deep-ish into the playoffs, reaching the 2nd round in 2 of his 3 playoff appearances. Plus, he had a great right hook.

Andy Murray led this franchise to 2 things… either an 7th seed in the playoffs… or 20th overall in the NHL. (Okay, fine, Coach Andy Murray’s 1st season with the Kings had them at a 5th seed in the West.) Sure, Barry Melrose led the Kings to the Stanley Cup finals in his first season as a NHL coach. But I think we all know that was a one-time fluke.  Larry Robinson was a decent coach on some god-awful Kings teams and Marc Crawford… well, I think we all know how that turned out. So what Playoff Threat Level are the Los Angeles Kings at right now?

If the Los Angeles Kings beat the Ducks Wednesday in Anaheim to finish off their 10 Game Road Trip, then this team could be 6th place in the Western Conference. Playoff Threat Level Tom Webster… here we come!!!

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