I Hate You Brian Burke

During the last telecast versus the Blackhawks, Jim Fox made the astute (!) comment that this year, the Los Angeles Kings have not being giving up goals in bunches, something that happened often during the 2007-08 season. When he made that observation, it really clicked with me. I don’t often agree with Fox, but this time he was right. I can remember so many times during that season when the Kings would give up a goal and then just collapse defensively. I don’t care that it happened during a penalty kill… that’s exactly what happened to the Kings tonight. They were dominating that game… and then they gave up a goal… and it all fell apart. That was one they should have won tonight… and they better win tomorrow against Phoenix.

Kings 1, Toronto Maple Leafs, 3

Dude, I called Cole. No, I thought you wanted Carrlyn. Oh shit, faceoff!

I’ve never seen anything like that crazy last 5 minutes of the game, when the Kings were throwing everything at the net. The Kings had so many chances, but the puck was bouncing everywhere. The players have been complaining about the ice quality all year and you could really see it tonight.

During that crazy last 5 minute flurry, 18 year old Drew Doughty bobbled the puck at the blueline and the Kings lost possession in the offensive zone. The fan in front of me jumped up and yelled and screamed at Doughty. (He was also yelling “SHOOOOOT” all night) To which I said “he’s only 18. He’s allowed to make mistakes.” Half Season Ticket Holder Buddy chimed in as well… “if that happens when he’s 20, then we can be upset. But I think we are good for now.”

18 year old Drew Doughty takes losing hard. Either that or someone just shot his dog.

Matt Greene played an amazing game tonight. Great pass to Alexander Frolov and outstanding defensive play all night.

As for the crowd, there were a lot of Maple Leaf fans, but not as overpowering as Red Wing fans. I can understand that fans across the league may not know who a lot of the Kings players are. The team is kind of a minor blip on the hockey map. But the Toronto Maple Leafs… man, I had NO idea who some of those players are. Andre Deveaux? Anton Stralman? John Mitchell? And even though Vesa Toskala single-handedly stole that game for the Maple Leafs… he is a jerk off for jamming the knob of his stick into the Kings as they skated behind the net during that last crazy 5 minutes.

Usually the Half Season Ticket Buddy and I enter from the Convention Center side, off of Figueroa. But after reading that the ESPN Zone was opening tonight, we decided to check it out before the game. Do you think there will be a Tupac-Biggie type feud between the ESPN Zone and the Fox Sports Sky Box Bar at Staples?

Yup, looks like every other ESPN Zone.

LA Live, despite the lame name, seems to be coming together well. They even have a big metal tree out in the middle of the plaza.

Also, it seems that there is a new statue out in front of the LA Sports Arch of Fame. Like new.. today.

Listen, I like Oscar Moller too, but I think it’s a little premature.
The dude hasn’t scored in weeks!

During the 1st intermission, we were getting chicken sandwiches and who should I see but my muse, Ms. Heidi Androl. She was interviewing Toronto Maple Leaf fans:

And you know who else she was interviewing? Why international movie and television star Martin Short.

Alright Martin Short fan sites…. it’s your move!

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