It was Russian Heritage Night at Staples Center as the Los Angeles Kings showed the Washington Capitals how the good ole USA likes to do it. Take that Washington! You Russkies! If you don’t like it, then go back to…. Washington DC!

In the immortal words of Artie Lange… waaaah!

The Kings were much more dominant than the score showed, shutting down Alex Ovechkin and forcing him to show the side of his play that critics despise the most… his whiny, baby streak. Ovechkin is a sheer force out there on the ice, every hit… every shot… every stride is stronger and better than anyone else on the ice. He truly is the best all around player in the NHL right now. But as 18 Year Old Drew Doughty and Captain Dustin Brown discovered… it’s very easy to get under his skin.

Kings 5, Capitals 2

The still yet un-named first line looked great out there tonight. Especially Dustin Brown. I’m sure tomorrow on blogs across the country people will be debating whether or not that was truly interference between Ovechkin and Brown… but remember this… if Ovechkin hadn’t been running around the ice like a madman for the minute before, there is no way the referee makes that call. Subtlety is definitely not one of Ovechkin’s strong points. And the best part of it all… a close up of Dustin Brown’s baby face on the Staples Jumbotron mouthing “Fuck You” to Ovechkin after Brown scored. That’s my Captain!

This is the kind of game that gets one so excited about this team. But I also hate these “theme nights.” Russian Heritage… College Night… Who Wants to Date Heidi Androl Night… when the Kings sales office goes all out in their efforts to attract people to the games, it tends to bring out the “undesirables.” I’m talking about people who blow off the ushers and walk to their seats as the game is going on… people who stand up and leave during the middle of a Kings power play… these are the true undesirables that come out when tickets are cheap and they get a free hat for buying them. I am in no way a Half Season Ticket Package snob. I’m all for as many people as possible coming to check out the Kings. I just wish they had an ounce of respect for the people around them. In truth, I kinda like it empty at Staples Center. That way, friends can come down from the 300’s to see how the other half live.

And I can safely say I saw one of the strangest things I’ve ever seen at a game tonight. There was a fan (and a semi-knowledgeable Kings one at that) sitting to our right, by himself. Now, I know how he feels. I have a job where I’m lucky enough to travel around this country, and if it’s hockey season, I always try to go to game in whatever city I am in. I usually end up by myself and if I’m lucky… I’ll meet a few interesting people and someone will buy me a beer. What this guy did tonight is sit there and SCREAM at the team left and right. We just found it so strange to go to a game by yourself and then sit there and scream all night. But hey, he paid for the ticket so he can do what ever he wants.

Maybe it’s because the Capitals were in town tonight, but my fellow Half Season Ticket Holder and I have a new favorite nickname: Kyle “John Quincey Adams”.

Does Coach Murray go with Erik Ersberg on Saturday against the Colorado Avalanche? Is Washington DC a communist country? You better believe it!

Things I Learned from Watching the Washington Capitals:
Finally, a team whose defensemen are less recognizable than the Kings defensemen.

Alex Ovechkin hits like he shoots… full force.

There are Capital fans in Los Angeles, and one guy was even rocking a sweet blue and copper-era Peter Bondra jersey.

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