It’s summer time in the NHL and that means it’s time to talk Free Agency, NHL Draft, Hall of Fame inductees and other things that used to mean a lot more before the Los Angeles Kings became two time Stanley Cup Champions.

Jesse talks to @LewKay about Gaborik, Greene, Kempe, Kessler and so much more.


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Of all the members of Team TRH Jesse Cohen probably comes closest to actually hating the Kings. Whether obsessing over the 1998 sweep at the hands of the St. Louis Blues, wishing he had witnessed the fight between Dmitri Khristich and Barry Potomski or cursing their attempts to fool the fans by dressing Randy Robitaille for 18 games, Jesse harbors a deep-seeded resentment towards the Kings.You can follow Jesse Cohen on Twitter @KingsMenPodcast.
  • Wacko Bird jc

    @LEWKAY I will sit outside when and if they retire Rob Blakes #… The only reason he is back with the Kings is because he wants to live in MB… I got over the way he left… And that he was on the team the put an end to AD’s career (i include MCrawford in this).. but when he came back he was a lazy out of shape player that was disruptive in the rebuilding process… Then after his two year over paid vacation with the Kings… He shows up at Sharks training camp in shape and ready to go… That alone does not make him a King for life (I believe the Sharks went WCF one of those years)..