ALL THE KINGS MEN PODCAST: 50 Kings Jaroslav Modry/TRH on SC Final Game 1


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Former Kings defenseman (95-04, 07-08) Jaroslav Modry joins Jesse Cohen and Dave Joseph for our inaugural installment of 50 Kings. Then The Royal Half and Jesse discuss recent Kings news and Game 1 of the Stanley Cup Final.

00:00 – 15:30 Jaroslav Modry 50 Kings

15:40 – 60:00 The Royal Half

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Of all the members of Team TRH Jesse Cohen probably comes closest to actually hating the Kings. Whether obsessing over the 1998 sweep at the hands of the St. Louis Blues, wishing he had witnessed the fight between Dmitri Khristich and Barry Potomski or cursing their attempts to fool the fans by dressing Randy Robitaille for 18 games, Jesse harbors a deep-seeded resentment towards the Kings.You can follow Jesse Cohen on Twitter @KingsMenPodcast.